Problem Statement

Design a wired/wireless manually controlled machine that is capable of either defeating its opponent on its own or pushing its opponent out of the arena.

Bot Specification

  • Each team can have only one bot
  • Bot dimensions should not exceed 50X50X50cm (lxbxh).The external device used to control the machine is not included in the size constraint
  • Width, breadth and height are measured to the extremities of the robot, i.e. including any overhanging bodywork, weaponry or protrusions. The measurements would be taken in the position that the robot would enter the arena, i.e. if the robot starts a fight with weaponry or other devices in a retracted position, the width, breadth and height are measured with these in this retracted position
  • The robot should not exceed 50kg. Weight of adaptors and the remote controller is not included
  • If interchangeable weapons / armour / systems are used, the weight measured is the one with the heaviest set-up in place
  • The machine can be powered electrically only. Use of an IC engine in any form is not allowed
  • The electric supply voltage on the bot should not exceed 24V DC at any point of the time during the game
  • All efforts must be taken to protect the battery terminals from a direct short and causing a fire.Failure in doing so will lead to disqualification
  •  The R.C should have two remote control circuits (or dual frequency/Bluetooth remote control circuit) which can be switched to either of the frequency before the event
  • Robots are not permitted to use rocket or jet propulsion methods
  • The weapons which cause indirect damage to opponent’s bot are strictly not allowed
  • Cutting the remote wire of the opponent’s bot will lead to disqualification
  • Rotating weaponry (like spinning cutter(s), motor controlled hammer(s)) are legal
  • The bot should have a dynamic weaponry system in its design and its use is compulsory
  • AC supply will be provided for the robot during the event
  • Bot should not leave the ground contact


   Weapons Limitations

  • All pyrotechnics  explosives; flames; firearms; corrosives; liquids; electronic devices – e.g. radio jamming, heat-guns, Tesla coils – are banned
  • Small, non-offensive pyrotechnics – e.g. flash puffs – May be allowed at the organisers’ discretion
  • Devices using inflammable or combustion-supporting gases are banned
  • Untethered projectiles are not allowed. Tethered projectiles are allowed, but the tether may not exceed 1.5m (approx. 5ft) in length, (measured from the centre of the robot to the tip of the projectile)
  • The speed of any rotating weapons – e.g. circular saws, carbon or steel cutting discs – must not exceed the manufacturer’s specification. The manufacturer’ specification must be available for inspection. Diameter of blade should be not more than 8 inch
  • Rotating hardened steel blades that may shatter are not allowed
  • Commercial blades – e.g. bayonets – must not exceed 20cm/8inches in length
  • All sharp edges of weapons, including fixed weapons – e.g. spikes – and robot bodywork in general that is sharp, MUST be fitted with adequate protection that must be in place at all times except in the arena. (These guards are not included with the overall weight of the robot)
  • Any moving or swinging arms – whether or not they hold sharp and/or rotating weapons – MUST be fitted with a visible locking pin that shows the arm(s) is securely locked into place
  • No laser allowed
  • Also, the weapons working on the following principle are not alloweed
  • Electromagnets
  • Radio frequency hacking
  • Liquid projectiles
  • Acid based Weapons
  • Explosives
  • Nets, glue or any other entanglement devices

Arena Specifications

  • The arena will be a square of dimensions 4.5×4.5m
  • The arena will be bounded by steel cage with wall height ~6ft
  • In case of wired bots, wires have to be slacked and used on top of the cage wall
  • Walls may have nails embedded on it. (Collision with the wall may lead to damage)
  • The exact arena will be disclosed at the time of event
  • There are lots of surprises awaiting you!!!



  • Every participant must carry a valid identity card from their respective institution
  • Teams must start their robot from the starting line when the signal is given by the Referee
  • The timer starts immediately after the signal is given
  • Each team can have a maximum number of 4 participants
  • The weaponry should be power operated and should switch off when the device is unplugged
  • Clashes can be infinite in number but dragging or pushing the opponent’s bot is allowed only for a maximum of 10 seconds
  • Between 2 consecutive draggings there should be a minimum difference of 15 seconds
  • The bot should comply with all the rules given in bot specifications, failing to any of the rules will lead to disqualification
  • To use any weapons other than the one’s mentioned, prior permission must be obtained from the referee and the organizer
  • The event will follow a hierarchy with a qualification round first followed by succeeding rounds Pairings are done based on lot picking at each round
  • The match duration will be 5 minutes for the 1st round and 10 minutes for the subsequent rounds
  • If there are less than 5 teams registered , event will be cancelled.
  • If special circumstances, such as unforeseen problems or capabilities of a robot occur, rules may be modified by the referee.
  • The Referee’s decision will be final and abiding

Queries regarding the rules and criteria must be clarified before the commencement of the event

The organizers are not responsible for any sort of damage to bot on or off the event

Judging Criteria

  • The event will be a knockout fight, where the bots will compete with each other to be the arena winner
  • The bot that manages to make the opponent’s bot immobile will succeed (Immobile means if it cannot display linear motion of at least two inches in a duration of 30 seconds)
  • Setup time: 60 seconds. In case a team does not report to the weight and measurement counter before their setup time starts, then the opponents will be declared the winners of that round
  • If a team fails to setup their robot within 60 seconds, then the opponent will be given a walkover
  • The bot succeeds if the opponent surrenders
  • In case of a draw (no bot wins) the winner will be decided on the basis of points awarded
  • Points will be given on the basis of Attack, Defence and Strategy
  • Scoring schema will be disclosed at the time of the event
  • Any damage to the arena will lead to disqualification of the bot


Event coordinators

Mujahid: +91 8332881584