Title: Enabling techniques for tissue characterization using ultrasound Hermite-scan imaging and shear wave viscoelastography

Speaker Name: Dr. Karla Mercado-Shekhar

Speaker Email: karlamshekhar@iitgn.ac.in 

Speaker Affiliation: Assistant Professor, Biological Engineering, Co-coordinator, Centre for Biomedical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Gandhinagar


Abstract: Ultrasound is rapidly evolving and can now provide information about tissue structure and stiffness for enabling objective diagnosis. Hermite-scan (H-scan) imaging is a new approach for characterizing tissue structures based on color-mapping of scatterer sizes. In H-scan imaging, radiofrequency (RF) echoes are matched to Gaussian-weighted Hermite polynomials of order n, which are related to the size of scatterers. Furthermore, shear wave viscoelastography exploits the shear wave generated by an ultrasound beam and extracts the viscoelastic properties of tissues from the frequency dependence of the measured wave velocity. In this talk, I will demonstrate the feasibility of differentiating glioblastoma tumors from normal brain tissue ex vivo using H-scan imaging, with potential applications in intraoperative brain tumor imaging. I will also discuss our work on validating shear wave viscoelastography on viscoelastic tissue-mimicking phantoms.

Mode: Online

Date and Time of Event: July 15th 2023, from 7 PM to 8 PM (IST)

Registration Link: https://forms.gle/GtcCogLbBPvWGSfH9