Title: Goal Setting in Higher Education Institutes; a Disconnect. Values.. the roadway to connect to Goals!

Speaker Name: Mrs. Juliet Karmakar Mondol

Speaker Email: juliet@adm.iitkgp.ac.in

Speaker Affiliation: Counsellor, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur


Abstract: Primarily the role of Higher Education Institutes in any part of the globe serves four major functions (Fleming, 1978). The first one is gaining knowledge and using that knowledge in our daily lives. Second one is transferring the knowledge to the new generation. The third function is to see how we develop our repertoire through knowledge so that we can deal with social problems like managing internet frauds, making shopping a no travelling affair through apps, Amazon etc. Finally how the student force in the industrial world can reach the statement of mission of the education institute. The main role of HEI is not only to provide education but also to develop the skill of organising life beyond classrooms with real life experimentation where failure of one goal automatically directs resetting of goals, to sustain in this ever- stimulating environment. This process needs planning, management and diligent execution. The main aim is learning through experimentation and developing critical thinking skills for which immaculate goal-setting plan, in alliance with deep-seated values can work wonders. Research has shown the importance of values in our day – to- day living and how it builds mutual trust and respect not only for oneself but also for others. The execution indirectly relates to our deep desires and what we really want to do or become and not what others want us to be or become. Connecting with values in whatever we do is missing because of which dealing with real life problems and developing critical thinking skills has acquired a backseat. This calls for framing of goals in a manner that offers direction to the individual with respect to his aspirations, which at present is missing to some extent among the youth. A study by Amann & Rzepka (2023) showed promising results on passing the examination among university students in Germany where on-line goal setting prompts were sent in a blended environment. The treated students’ percentage of passing was increased to 18.8% and the points improved by 6.7%. UNESCO aims at Education 2030 (UNESCO,2022) , the prime objective of which is that students should be brought in contact with real life problems and how values other than monetary gain can inspire students to learn. So the four functions of HEI can be served better if we all could connect our Goals and our Values.

Mode: Online

Date and Time of Event: October 12th 2023, from 5 PM to 6 PM (IST)

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