Date and Time of Event: 12 March 2024, 7 – 8 PM IST

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Speaker Name: Dr. Parikshit Saikia


Speaker Affiliation: Assistant Professor, Department of CSE, NIT Silchar, Assam

Mode: Online


Abstract: The rapid development of Internet of Things and 5G/6G communication technologies have significantly improved the network performance over the 4G communication networks in terms of latency, communication cost, resource utilization etc. by increasing the bandwidth and improving the network architecture. Due to the large number of heterogeneous devices (5G networks can support up to 1 million devices in 0.386 square miles) and exponentially growing traffic data, achieving the optimum latency and optimum communication cost are still challenging. Towards this, in the recent years, many machine learning and empirical based approaches have been proposed in the state-of-art results. However, to the best of our knowledge, very few theoretical based state-of-the-art results have been found in literature. In this talk, we will discuss the graph based solutions to improve the latency and communication cost in 5G/6G networks. Specifically, we will focus on the application of one of the fundamental problems in combinatorial optimization namely Steiner tree (ST): given a connected undirected graph and a subset of vertices called terminals, the goal is to connect the given terminal set (if required some of the additional vertices can be used as intermediate vertices) by forming a tree structure with minimum total connection cost. We believe that applying ST in 5G/6G communication networks will significantly improve the network performance in terms of latency, communication cost, resource utilization etc. Furthermore, the ST problem also finds applications in VLSI layout design, content distribution networks, phylogenetic tree reconstruction in computational biology etc.