Title: Advances in Mm-wave and THz Imaging.
Presenter: Prof. Ananjan Basu, Center for Applied Research in Electronics, IIT Delhi.
Date: 13th July 2023.
Time: 2:00 PM IST.
Venue: NKN room, E&ECE Department, IIT Kharagpur.
Abstract of the Talk:
A survey of some of the recent advances in the field of microwave and millimeter-wave imaging is presented. This technology originally evolved from the approaches used in radar, and has been an active area of research since then, the primary attraction being the possibility of “seeing” objects hidden behind some opaque material such as wood, paper, concrete, fog etc. It is well-known that microwave/mm-wave signals ( usually defined as 0.3 – 300 GHz ) can penetrate such materials to greater or smaller depths depending on frequency , as opposed to visible light or infra-red whose penetration in most cases is negligible.
The applications are well-known today and many systems are in everyday use such as security screening , medical imaging , through the wall imaging for surveillance, non-destructive testing etc. Usually imaging systems operate in the “near field” in the sense that the distance to the target is of the same order as the size of the complete sensor set – most imagers use multiple antennas for receiving the microwave signal from the target and the sensors are physically spaced out in a region usually much larger than wavelength. In contrast there are a few imagers which operate in the radar mode where the object is located in the far-field of the antenna array.
In this talk we will describe some of the recent systems which have been developed by different researchers and which are likely to form the basis of future imagers used commercially , including for security applications.
Short Biography of the Speaker:
Ananjan Basu was born Aug 12, 1969. He received the B.Tech degree in electrical engineering and M.Tech degree in communication and radar engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (I.I.T.DeIhi), in 1991 and 1993 respectively, and the PhD. degree in Electrical Engineering from University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), in 1998.
He has been with the Centre for Applied Research in Electronics, I.I.T.DeIhi as an Assistant Professor (2000-2005) and Associate Professor (2005-2012), and Professor (2013 onwards).
His specialization is in microwave and millimetre-wave component design and characterization, reconfigurable and active antennas, microwave imaging and guided wave theory.
We look forward to seeing you there!