IEEE Membership Drive:Orientation

13th February, 2015

The IEEE EMBS MSRIT chapter,IEEE EMBS Bangalore chapter in association with M.S.Ramaiah Institute of Technology (MSRIT),Bangalore organised the IEEE membership drive which was held on 13th of February, 2015 at the Hi Tech seminar hall,DES block,MSRIT campus.

The orientation was open to the students of all the engineering disciplines. The speakers for the program were Mr.Javed and Mr.Vishwas.

In his welcome speech ,Dr.Sri Raam ,extended a word of gratitude to all those present and ensured that the upcoming talks would drill in us the need of IEEE and the advantages in being associated with it.


           Mr.Javed addressing the students

Mr.Javed is the chief coordinator and a research scholar at IISC. He is also the president at ENTIISC.He is the alumni of MSRIT, Electronics and Communication department. He spoke about how IEEE gives us an opportunity to interact with top professionals and how one can attain a jump from one hierarchical position to the top one through IEEE.

IEEE helps in placements and to acquire our masters in abroad. Membership in IEEE gives us targeted tools to advance our engineering and technology career including job placements, networking opportunities and technical publications.


Importance of IEEE being highlighted

The next speaker was Mr.Vishwas who is a user experience engineer and a designer by profession. He started his talk by exploring the importance of having a problem. He highlighted on this by adding that a problem is basically an opportunity given to us so that we find a solution to it and make it as a standard to be used world wide. In his presentation, he described the developing world starting from the scratch of how fire was produced and the current situation. He concluded on a note that there is an opportunity hidden in every problem, so accept the problem and accept the opportunity.


                                                                                                                Concluding the session

The seminar was successful in providing the students sufficient knowledge about IEEE and in motivating their interests in IEEE and IEEE EMBS MSRITChapter and was successful in highlighting the quote “First Job is through campus and dream job is through IEEE”..