The IEEE EMBS MSRIT chapter in association with the Department of Medical Electronics, MSRIT have organized a technical event called on the 3rd of May, 2013. As a part of Synapse, events  conducted were viz., Air crash , General quiz, FIFA’15, Organ Hunt, Potpourri, Fun mania, Sailing the sinking ship, Poster presentation.

The Organ Hunt was another exciting event. It saw the highest number of participants. A preliminary round which was a technical questions round gave way to 15  top scoring teams. These teams took part in a treasure hunt which had the participants running around the campus in a race against time. The final round had 7 top teams making a collage out of waste materials, resembling the organ that they were assigned.

The Poster Presentation was an event which was conducted especially for the final year students of the Department of Medical Electronics. It was an opportunity to showcase their final year projects. It was an interesting event as the event location was filled with confident final year students talking about their projects and the success that they had achieved.

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