The IEEE EMBS Bangalore chapter,IEEE SMCS Chapter,IEEE EMBS MSRIT chapter in association with M.S.Ramaiah Institute of Technology (MSRIT),Bangalore ,organised the one week workshop on “Cognitive Neurosciences and Brain Computer Interface” which was held from 14th to 21st January, 2016 at the ESB seminar hall 2,MSRIT campus.


DAY 1: 14/01/16-

Inaugural and Key note address

The Inaugural session begun at 10:00am with the invocation song by Sowmya. All the dignitaries were addressed by Prof. P G Kumaravelu.They joined together to lit the lamp. In his welcome speech ,Dr.Sri Raam ,HOD,Medical Electronics extended a word of gratitude to all those present and gave the brief introduction about the workshop,followed by the felicitation to the chief guest Prof. Neeraj Jain, Scientist-VII/ Senior Professor, National Brain Research centre and guest of Honour Dr. A S Hedge, Director, M S Ramaiah Institute of Neurosciences. Key note address was given by Dr A S Hegde on the importance of the cognitive neurosciences.

We then had a key note address by Prof. Neeraj Jain on “Brain Computer Interface”. He spoke about the importance of Brain computer interface-sometimes called a mind machine interface(MMI) or direct neural interface (DNI) or brain machine interface(BMI) ,is a direct communication pathway between an enhanced or wired brain and an external device and  also exhibited some of his works conducted in his laboratory.


The next speaker Mr.Arun,Asst. Professor,M S Ramaiah Medical College highlighted on “Physiological basics of learning and memory 2”. He stressed on the basics of learning and on examples of how the brain learns and its observations.



We then had a talk by Dr. Venkatesh, Professor, M S Ramaiah Medical College on ““Physiological basics of learning and memory 1”. He gave a brief insight about the basics of learning and on a few details of neuron communication when brain tries to learn things and how the brain adapts itself with the changes in the environment.


DAY 2: 16/01/16

Invitees Talk and Interactive session

The day was started with the talk on “Brain & Cognitive Reverse: Implications of Vipassana Meditation” by Dr. Bindu Kutty,      Prof.  & Head, Dept. Of Neuroscience, NIMHANS. She spoke about cognitive ability and the improvement with the ability of brain with meditation.

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Followed by the talk by Dr. Ravi Gopal Verma, Prof. And Head of the department, M S Ramaiah institute of Neuroscience on “DBT Procedure and Brain Surgeries”. He detailed the epileptic seizures and the examples of how the procedure is done and how it helps the patient further.


After which we had a talk by Dr. Hema Ramachandran, Professor, Light and Matter Physics group, Head, Research facilities, Raman Research Institute on “Brain Computer Interface”. She also gave the details of the their project based on the “light frequency controlled wheel chair”


An interactive session was later held in The M S R Memorial Hospital with the participants and with the M S Ramaiah Institute of Neurosciences doctors.

DAY 3: 18/01/16

S-VYASA University

The day was started with the university details and a with a glimpse on the treatment given to the patients.


The gathering was then taken to the lab, where an explaination on each of the instrument used was given.A demo was given on iFNRI with 10-20 electrode system. Also the blood oxygen perfusion level change in the brain was highlighted. Auditory evoked potentials were tested on the subject which gave us a clear cut picture and information on how these tests are done.

DAY 4: 19/01/16

Invitees Talk

A talk on- “If computers can play Chess,then why can’t it have a Visual Perception” was arranged by Dr. S P Arun, Associate Prof, Centre of Neuroscience, IISc. He highlighted on the know-how visual perception that can be incorporated in BCI.

The next speaker,Dr. Ambrish, Associate professor, physiology department, MSRMC  portrayed a talk on “Can advancements in cognitive neurosciences and brain computer interface applications prove the worth of mind body techniques”. He spoke regarding the importance of mediation help in controlling one’s behaviour.



DAY 5: 20/01/16

Invitees Talk and Interactive session


The day was started with the talk on “An Introduction Tio Human Electrophysiology- EEG, ERP And Osscilation” by Dr. Madhavi Rangaswamy,      Prof., Dept. Of Psychology, Christ University. She spoke about the basics of cognitive ability and the improvement in the ability of brain with meditation.


Followed by a demonstration by BIONOMADIX which exhibited some of their modules with the complete information on thier work and how it is different and efficient when compared to the other systems.

DAY 6: 21/01/16

Invitees Talk and Hands on Session


The day was started with the talk on “Functional Brain Imaging” by kaushik Majumdar,      Prof, System Science And Informatics unit, Indian Statistical Institute. He detailed on how the EEG signals are generated and also gave the functional and structural details of neuron and explained the 10-20 and 10-10 electrode placement system.

Further,Hands on session on EEG lab using Mat lab tool was arranged by Dr. G. Chaitanya, NIMHANS and  Anagh Pathak, Indian Statistical Institute.

The session concluded with the valedictory.