Date: 5th March 2018


Venue: IEEE Office at World Trade Centre, Bangalore

Minutes of the meeting:

  1. All the tasks must be equally distributed among IEEE Members
  2. Time management
  3. Proper communication among members
  4. Reports to be submitted on time
  5. plan activities for this year
  6. basic technical writing skills
  7. How IEEE explore can benefit students
  8. Latex workshop
  9. Plan eight activities, out of which two are major activities.
  10. Check the IEEE Mentorship program


IEEE Conference:

  1. Accommodation for students: Hostels, PG, IISC, Green trends hotel, Iskon hostel, Bgs hostel, Youth hostel, etc.
  2. Industrial connections and interest letter from Philips, GE, Scan ray
  3. Plan for industrial visits: Philips, GE, Titan R&D, TUV, Scan ray, Cardia Labs
  4. Good transport facilities
  5. Linking with government organizations for funding
  6. Session on hospital needs by Apollo, Narayana, etc.
  7. Check the IEEE website about the IEEE Conferences
  8. Write an email to the Chairman regarding the conference
  9. Planning budget for students attending conference (low cost)
  10. Providing good food
  11. Mentioning about the huge quadrangle for setting up stalls
  12. Mentioning about the auditorium, board rooms, seminar halls and class rooms, available for simultaneous conduction of talks
  13. Job fairs in Bangalore