Benefits of IEEE

IEEE members can access information on regional events and programs by registering to IEEE Collabratec®, an interactive multi-functional forum and a worldwide network of technology-focused experts, leveraging IEEE’s broad knowledge base and think-tank culture. Upon signing in, users can:

  • Networking with other technology experts
  • Build a professional profile that highlights your achievements
  • Enter and take part in debates on different professional interests
  • Build a group to share and work together on projects
  • Discover IEEE gatherings and programs around the globe


IEEE members enjoy reduced prices on many proprietary products and programs, including IEEE books and eBooks, publications and papers, conventions and hearings, guidelines, membership in society, and continued education classes. In addition, participants have access to a range of affinity schemes providing discounts.

Professional Networking

With other IEEE members who have common passions, you will create a network that circles around your career, business or ventures.

Career Resources and Recognition

Leadership is a skill that has to be worked out over time. Keep your career going in the right direction with IEEE career benefits and support.

Keeping Technically Current

Continue your work and remain up to date with modern and changing developments. IEEE has the means to keep you scientifically up-to-date by award-winning journals and professional societies.