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"Being an IEEE member has many perks, I learnt a lot through the webinars, workshops, seminars, tech talks and fun events organised by IEEE. Through IEEE membership I can stay updated with recent technological advancements and instilled in me a keen interest towards technology. I received the opportunity of participating in different workshops and seminars and network with professionals, volunteers and other IEEE members and learn a lot from them. The walk with an IEEE Fellow is an excellent platform for students like me to learn from the their life experiences and this motivates me and helps me dream big and aim higher. Being a volunteer and a part of Execom in IEEE SBRU was a convivial and good learning experience, it developed management skills, communication skills, team work and gave me many experiences, new friends and knowledge. I’d like to thank IEEE for this wonderful platform and opportunities."
"I am Malla Haswanth I joined ieee last year . Joining ieee was a good experience and encourage ment for me as growing from student to professional in a course and came to know about the recent technology's and attended many events and it gave me the good experiences in every growing Stream In the recent world from technology to the hardware etc. And also I have attended many events and webinars online which gave me a good experience . We can say that it's a platform where every single person that may be a student or professional or. A self employed person can get a experience and knowledge in his /her particular stream It's all about how efficiently you will learn about the world and there will be more and more to learn in life And we will get to know a new technologies emerging in and around the world every day. And every day there is new to learn that may be in form of journals or it may be in form of webinars or from emails. Joining made me Confident. that I can do something in my life and gave me a guidance for my future steps."
"Hey this is Rohit Sharma and it is my great privilege to share with you my experience of being an IEEE member from 2 years and still going on,It is the only worth place where you get to communicate, interact with many people of different fields who are always ready to share there knowledge,experience and advice us in our journey to achieve our respective goals,as a member and volunteer of this organization I learned many new stuff like how to make a event go successful without any worries, how to deal with people of your same age and also many etc I think I need more etc as it keeps going on from small small things to a big thing that I have learned and more over a wonderful and always remeberable experience with all my friends who has been part of this journey with me . It feels great being an IEEE member and one of the best thing I have done in my life being a member of this organization . Thank you."