1. Title of the Event: LinkedIn Training Workshop for career leads by Mr. Philip Calvert
  2. Type of the Event: Workshop
  3. Date of the Event: January 17, 2023
  4. Time of the Event: 2:30 PM – 4:00 PM
  5. Venue of the Event: Virtual (Microsoft Teams)
  6. Date of Submission of Report: February 9, 2023
  7. Name of Event Co-coordinator(s) and Team Member(s):
Dr. Rajashree Jain Purvi Aditya Tuteja
Dr. Baljeet Kaur Purvi Agarwal Dhwani Parekh
Aditya Bajaj Hardik Karwal Rohan Thakur
Utkarsh Gupta Arnav Gupta
  1. Name(s) of Organization(s) & Brief Profile(s) of

Guest(s)/Speaker(s)/Resource Person(s): 

Mr. Philip Calvert from the United Kingdom

  1. No. of Participants: 227
    1. Volunteers: 9
    2. Participants: 218
  2. Associates/Sponsors/Partners (ACM/IEEE/SIU/WiMLDS/etc.): IEEE Student Branch and Arsh IEEE E-CELL
  3. Details (remarks, beneficiaries, etc.):

SICSR’s E-Cell, in association with Pravidhi: SICSR’s IEEE Student Branch, organised an online LinkedIn Training Workshop for career leads by Mr. Philip Calvert from the United Kingdom on January 17, 2023.

This workshop aimed to educate attendees on how to effectively use LinkedIn as a tool for personal branding, networking, and job searching. Mr. Philip Calvert welcomed everyone to the online LinkedIn Training Workshop. He explained Networking through LinkedIn is crucial for college students as it provides them with opportunities to build professional relationships, learn about potential career paths, and increase their visibility to potential employers.

Networking on LinkedIn allows college students to connect with professionals in their field, build relationships, and learn about potential job opportunities. This can particularly benefit those seeking internships or full-time employment after graduation. Continuing that he explained what is Linkedin is, he said Linkedin is Job site, Networking, platform, Blogging platform, Social Network, Marketing tool, Instant messaging service Corporate PR site.

He told us benefits of Linkedin which are Research people & companies (75.8%), Reconnect with past associates/colleagues, and Build relationships with people who could influence potential customers. He told us about the ten core elements of LinkedIn which are Personal page, Company page, Showcase page(s), Groups, Content, SlideShare, Contacts, Universities, Profinder, Salaries, Messaging, jobs, Advertising, Sales solutions, Volunteering, Learning

He told us the Linkedin Obiectives and Strategy, in three steps First Attract by Speaking, Training, and Consulting, Second by finding out my clients and targets and lastly have a friendly conversation. He also told some of the common mistakes not to be repeated Not fully completing their profile, Not including contact information, Not engaging with other people and their content, and Forgetting that ‘people buy people’.

He told to have some of words in profile for boosting our networks such as Investment Advice, Programming Languages, Healthcare, Law, Accounting ,SIPP, and Leadership. He told that complete the profile, up-to-date and, concise summary, and detailed work experience also told to highlight our skills and achievements and include any relevant projects or publications. He gave us a tip to engage with others on LinkedIn by commenting on posts, sharing content, and reaching out to connect with others in your network to build our network and increase visibility to potential employers and clients.

The workshop was well-received by attendees, who found the information and tips provided to be practical and valuable. Many attendees expressed interest in attending future workshops on LinkedIn and other professional development topics. Overall, the workshop was a success and provided valuable insights into how to effectively use LinkedIn for personal branding, networking, and job searching. Mrs. Purvi (anchor) welcomed Mr.Sanket Kurdukar Placement officer at SICSR to present the vote of thanks. A Virtual Memento was presented, which was accepted by the speakers and brought the workshop to a close.

  1. Submitted By: Hardik Parmar and Aditya Tuteja
  2. Event Pictures:

  • Mr. Philip Calvert. presented his presentation to explain LinkedIn Strategies
  • Purvi(Anchor) Invited Mr. Sanket Kurdukar Placement Officer at SICSR to present Virtual Momento as a Vote of Thanks to Mr. Philip Calvert.
  1. Attendance sheet
Aayaan Bana Aashutosh Agrawal Aayush Agrawal
Dr. Rajashree Jain Aaditya Shrestha Akshit Kohli
Mr. Philip Calvert Aditya Kumar Ansh Dwived
Dr. Baljeet Kaur Abhisekh Pandey Arya Haware
Aditya Bajaj Bhavya Sharma Kavleen Bed
Satvik NarayanChaddha Rasmeet SinghKohli Naitik Patel
Dhwani Parekh Rahul Bihani Nandimath Aryan
Dr. PravinMetkewar Sanskriti Raj Oishik Ghosh
Saniya Phadke Palakk Rushika Nirgudwar
Arjun Singh Mrs. Prafulla Bafna Sachkeerat Singh
Aryan Pranav Chauhan Sahil Dhungel
Jasmeet KaurDadiala Pratham Agrawal Shaikh Ahmed
KartikeyanVashishta Shruti Patro Soumil Khanna
Jay RohitSuratwala Purvi Thakkar YashHimmat
Kushagra Garg Shruti Mishra Tismehar Barbra
Ritika Sadawarte Sishir Rijal Vinaykumar Patel
Rohan Thakur Taran Panfair Yash Garg
Aditya Tuteja Tanvi Kulkarni Yatin Gambhir
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