Session Title: CREATING AND UPDATING IEEE SB Website on a Regular Basis

Thursday, September 10, 2020, 02:00 pm to 03:00 pm

1. CEng. Nikhil Lilakar Kulkarni, IEEE Bombay Section SAC Nashik Region Faculty Coordinator
2. Ms. Apurva Makarand Somvanshi, IEEE Bombay Section SAC Nashik Region Student Coordinator
3. Mr. Tejas Vilas Zambre, IEEE SB STB20132 WebMaster
4. Mr. Pushkar Ashok Thakur, IEEE SB STB20132 WIE Affinity Group WebMaster

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Helping of newly formed Nashik Dist. Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj’s C.O.E. (STB65181) IEEE student branch to understand how to create and update the website on regular basis for better administration.

About Session :
A session on how to create as well as how to update IEEE student branch website for better administration was conducted on 10th of September 2020 for the newly formed SB of NDMVP. The entire student branch of NDMV along with the branch councilor were present.
The chair person welcomed the speakers and handled over the charge to Nikhil Kulkarni sir. What is IEEE and what are its administrative benefits were briefly told by sir. How one can be benefited being an IEEE member thought various activities and event was told to the attendees. A complete overview of IEEE was given by sir to the students.

What are different tools available and how they are used was explained. Tools like ieeexpore, ieeecollabratec, ieeeResumelab, IEEE job portal etc. were
discussed in detail. IEEE members can publish their research work and refer journals and research papers published by others on ieeexplore.
What values should SB follow for best functioning was also told to the members.

The event conducted by a SB can promote any of the following values:

Later the session was handed over to Ms. Apurva who particularly shared the benefits of a student as an IEEE member. She told the student members about scholarship, travel grants, free sessions and events and volunteering opportunities.

What factors will make an SB a vibrant one were told to the members-

The finally the session was handed over to Mr. Tejas and Mr. Pushkar who spoke on website creation and updating it on regular basis. Which are the basic plugins required and best suitable theme for WordPress website Contents that should be on the website was told to them. How to maintain traffic was also told. They gave a live demo of their SB website to the attendees.
There were lots of doubts asked and resolved. The session was very much satisfying and helpful. It ended with a vote of thanks by the chair person and the branch councilor requested for more such sessions.