In accordance to discuss upcoming events which are taken by WIE committee:

Date: 28-01-2020
Time: 10.00am – 12.00 noon
Place: IEDC Cell Sandip Foundation, Nashik

Meeting Lead by:
Ms.Kavita Sukhdev Patil (WIE affinity group counselor )

Meeting Addressed by:
Ms.Samruddhi Dinesh Borse
Ms.Apurva Makarand Somvanshi


  • To discuss and preparation about upcoming events.

About the Discussion: 

WIE Chair Ms.Samruddhi Borse initiated the meeting by stating the agendas of the meeting. Then WIE affinity group counselor Ms. Kavita Patil discussed the ways to boost participation. Also, she added valuable inputs about the type of event which should be organized. Then the discussion about the events began. Follow the list of ideas given by the members.

Technical Events Scheduled:
Informative session regarding ICRB exam.
Session on stochastics.

Non-Tech Events Scheduled:
A health care session by a gynecologist.
Workshop on ‘Kick Back Stress’ by a well known MD doctor.