The first WIE meeting was arranged with the presence of all committee members on the
following specifics:

Awareness about each members roles and responsibilities.

Discussion about various upcoming events to be scheduled.

Date: 09-01-2020
Time: 10.20pm – 11.30pm
Place: IEDC Cell, Sandip foundation, Nashik

Meeting Lead by:
Er.Nikhil Leelakar Kulkarni (IEEE Counselor)
Ms.Samruddhi Dinesh Borse (WIE Chair)
Ms.Apurva Makarand Somvanshi (WIE Vice Chair)


  •  Discussion about various upcoming events to be scheduled.
  • Awareness about each member’s roles and responsibilities.

About the Discussion:

The meeting began with the WIE Chair Ms.Samruddhi addressing all the
members with their positions. It was followed by the brief information
about the various teams formed under WIE and their roles. The members
were encouraged to put forth their ideas regarding events to be held. The
Vice Chair Ms.Apurva acknowledged about the previous WIE meeting
held at Mumbai and its agenda. Also discussed about the upcoming
events. Then SB Counselor Er Nikhil Kulkarni briefed about IEEE WIE, its
importance and encouraged to participate in all the activities related to it.