Tug of Words – Debate Competition Winners

The topics for the qualifier round were: 1) Is India ready for a cashless economy? 2) Cryptocurrency, a boon or a bane?, the final round topic is: Does driverless cars make sense for India at the moment?

Winning Team: C. Praneeth Kumar (1602-19-735-026 ), B. Pranav ( 1602-19-736-026), K. Vamsi (1602-19-735-058), Shaik Arif (1602-19-735-042).

1 First Place: B. Pranav ( 1602-19-736-026)

2 Second Place: C. Praneeth Kumar (1602-19-735-026 )

3 Third Place: Shaik Arif (1602-19-735-042)

Tug of Words – Debate Competition

Greetings for the day!

Do you want to debate but are not able to due to the current online life?

The IEEE Student Branch of VCE gives brings you an opportunity.
Tug of Words, a debate competition will be held on 14th September at 5 pm on teams platform.
Equip yourself with the ongoing affairs and be ready to prove your point.

Save the date and time. Do not miss it.

Participants are required to switch on their videos during the competition.

Participants will be randomly divided into groups.

The best group and the top 3 speakers will be getting the certificate of excellence.

Why wait then?
Register yourself immediately by clicking on the link below.

Hoping for maximum participation.
May the best team win.

CodeWars 2021 Contest Winners

1 First Place: Mr. Ankan Mahapatra (1602-19-734-004) & Mr. CVS Anirudh (1602-19-737-057) 3rd-year students in the EEE & IT department respectively with a lead score of 204.76.

2 Second Place: Mr. K.V.S Siddartha (1602-19-737-058) 3rd-year student in the IT department with a runner-up score of 200.

The event participation was 50 people across all departments.

CodeWars 2021 Online Coding Challenge

Greetings from the IEEE Student Branch of Vasavi College of Engineering(A)!!

We are excited to announce our next event under IEEE Educational Activities By Dept of ECE. The best events aren’t just memorable, they aren’t just beautiful, they accomplish a goal. Here we are with one such, enigmatic event – CODE WARS!!⚡🔥🤖🔥⚡

So, what are you waiting for? Mark the date: 11th September, 5 PM and sign up for the contest: https://www.hackerrank.com/code-wars-2021

The contest is of 90 min duration, where you’ll be given four intriguing codes (Two easy and two medium difficulties) to battle with. Do get back to us, if you’re facing any issues.

Don’t forget to turn up code blooded, to the CODE WARS! 🩸🩸

The top 3 performers will be awarded Momento and Certificate of Appreciation during the Engineers’ Day Celebrations. 🎉🎉


TechCanvas Contest Winners

1 First Place: Ms. Shreya Mulukula (1602-19-733-048) 3rd-year student of CSE department for her aesthetic art with deep meaning.

2 Second Place: Ms. Butti Rupa Shree (1602-19-735-032) & Ms. Kokkiligadda Tanuja (1602-19-735-056), 3rd-year students of the ECE department.

The winners will be awarded certificates from IEEE during the Engineers Day celebrations on 15th September 2021.

TechCanvas Contest

Amidst these tough times, the IEEE student branch of VCE(A) is here to entertain you all.

TechCanvas, an art competition is being conducted on 5th September at 4.30 pm.

The topic is given on the spot and the participants will have two hours to complete their art. After two hours they should brief about their art for a minute or two.
Participants are judged on the basis of their creativity and innovation, the intricacy of their arts, and their short explanations.

Why wait then?
Register yourself immediately by filling the form given below.
Pour your heart out in the form of colors.
All the best!!

Technical Eureka Contest Winners

  1. First Place: Mr.V Rahul (1602-16-735-316) & Mr. P Prashanth (1602-16-735-318), Final Year Students of ECE for finding 87-words in the Contest.
  2. Second Place: Mr B Sai Krishna (1602-17-735-040) & Mr G Sai Ram (1602-17-735-042), Pre-Final Year Students of ECE for finding 69 words.
  3. Third Place: Mr D Dinesh Koushik (1602-17-735-016) & Mr M Harshavardhan (1602-17-735-020), Pre-Final Year Students of ECE for finding 68 words.

Technical Eureka Contest

(On 3rd September 2019 From 12:40 PM to 1:00 PM)A Technical Eureka Contest is scheduled to the 3rd, 5th & 7th Semester Circuit Branch Students (ECE, EEE, CSE & IT) of Vasavi College of Engineering (Autonomous) on 3rd September 2019 from 12:40 to 13:00 IST.

The Winners will be getting a Cash Award along with the Certificate of Appreciation during the Engineers’ Day Celebrations@VCE.


Are you a coder? Are you interested in solving puzzles ? Are you a competitive person ?

Then u are looking at the right place. Yes!, Code Compute Crack is a contest which is to bring sportiness, competitiveness, and an opportunity to show your talent in coding, puzzle solving, mathematics.

This contest holds 4 rounds : 1. Problem Solving using C   2. Mathematics  3. Finding the hidden image  4. Puzzle Solving.

This contest was held on 27th July 2019 .

The winners of this competition are :

1st Prize :  M.Bharadwaj, N.Amruth Reddy, P.Bharath Kumar

2nd Prize :  B.Anish Sai Vardhan, V.Chaitanya, S.V.Siddartha