Technical Eureka Contest Winners

  1. First Place: Mr.V Rahul (1602-16-735-316) & Mr. P Prashanth (1602-16-735-318), Final Year Students of ECE for finding 87-words in the Contest.
  2. Second Place: Mr B Sai Krishna (1602-17-735-040) & Mr G Sai Ram (1602-17-735-042), Pre-Final Year Students of ECE for finding 69 words.
  3. Third Place: Mr D Dinesh Koushik (1602-17-735-016) & Mr M Harshavardhan (1602-17-735-020), Pre-Final Year Students of ECE for finding 68 words.

Technical Eureka Contest

(On 3rd September 2019 From 12:40 PM to 1:00 PM)A Technical Eureka Contest is scheduled to the 3rd, 5th & 7th Semester Circuit Branch Students (ECE, EEE, CSE & IT) of Vasavi College of Engineering (Autonomous) on 3rd September 2019 from 12:40 to 13:00 IST.

The Winners will be getting a Cash Award along with the Certificate of Appreciation during the Engineers’ Day Celebrations@VCE.


Are you a coder? Are you interested in solving puzzles ? Are you a competitive person ?

Then u are looking at the right place. Yes!, Code Compute Crack is a contest which is to bring sportiness, competitiveness, and an opportunity to show your talent in coding, puzzle solving, mathematics.

This contest holds 4 rounds : 1. Problem Solving using C   2. Mathematics  3. Finding the hidden image  4. Puzzle Solving.

This contest was held on 27th July 2019 .

The winners of this competition are :

1st Prize :  M.Bharadwaj, N.Amruth Reddy, P.Bharath Kumar

2nd Prize :  B.Anish Sai Vardhan, V.Chaitanya, S.V.Siddartha


In today’s environment, hoarding knowledge ultimately erodes your power. If you know something very important, the way to get power is by actually sharing it. A Lecture is an occasion when you numb one end to benefit the other.

In IEEE VCE SB , emphasis is given on not only making you academically brilliant, but true leaders and team players, thus preparing you for the real life corporate world. This is done by inviting people from industries and top institutions to provide valuable information to our students.
We Invite Eminent personalities form various Industries and Institutions to lend valuable Information from their Experiences to the students. Guest Lecture is a way of enriching the students with the latest updates of the Industries and Technicalities.The Students are bestowed with knowledge about Industry needs, latest technical updates,Avenues for Higher studies etc..

This is not that workshop where you learn the technical stuff in a boring way. Here we come up with a new style of learning our Electronics trending concepts in a fun,practical,and conceptual way .

The concepts to deal in workshop and the date of workshop will be announced soon. Stay tuned to get all the updates .

Everyone has a  hidden artist . Its time to wake that artist . Here we come up with an logo design contest . All you need to do is to design a logo for the IEEE VCE SB with a theme of your idea . Get it presented , let us know the idea of theme behind your design and make it the best to win the contest .

This contest will be held soon . To know when stay tuned .