Workshop 1 – 5MVC 2021

The signal processing community within our university has been able to take our country’s name to the world by becoming global champions of the IEEE Signal Processing Cup 2021 and IEEE ICAS Challenge 2021. We consider it our responsibility to share these experiences with the rest of the undergraduate community in Sri Lanka to enhance their knowledge and presentation skills. Through our first workshop for the competition 5MVC, we aimed to provide a platform for the champions to share their experience.

Team DigitX champions of IEEE ICAS Challenge 2021 presented their experience first, Yasod Ginige and Sivaroopan Niroshan elaborated the challenges faced and how they overcame those by dividing team members to share the workload. Following that Avishka Sandeepa expounded the Do’s and the Don’ts of Visual presentation with paradigms related to the effective use of fonts, colours, transitions, etc. to communicate with the audience. The overriding points such as picking parts of your story, planning and time management of delivering are described by Hasindri Watawana. Dr. Chameera (supervisor of DigitX) emphasized the importance of gathering knowledge from these competitions highlighting that the participation of Signal Processing Cup 2020 helped team DigitX prepare for the competition in one month.

Team T-cubed champions of IEEE Signal Processing Cup 2021 presented their experience next, Ramith Hettiarachchi introduced the team and explained their challenge. He also emphasized the importance of collaboration and sharing experience. To add more, Tharindu Wickremasinghe showed how they used the time given to the presentation to communicate their solution to the audience. And further advised the crowd to “Never underestimate the intelligence of the audience or overestimate their knowledge”. Dr. Prathapasinghe(supervisor of team T-cubed) highlighted the importance of attention to detail.

The workshop concluded successfully with over fifty participants from various universities in Sri Lanka, whilst giving the participants of the competition ideas on how to improve their own video for the competition. The award-winning teams and their advisors were successfully able to inspire the audience to participate in future competitions.