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Past Events

Big Data Demand For Data Professionals

A Webinar on “Big Data: Demand for Data Professionals” was held on the 29th of May 2020 from 12pm till 1.30 pm. The webinar was attended by a total of 250 international participants and it was organized by Prof. Dr. R.Logeswaran in collaboration with SSN College of Engineering, India. The online talk provided a glimpse of the definitions of Big Data, Dara Science, Data Analytics and Data Professionals. It then proceeded to illustrate the job demand, vacancies, and salaries for data professionals, along with the skills and knowledge requirements for the field. Next, an introduction of the Open Data initiative of various countries and a, glimpse of the vast number of tools, relevant technologies software skills and popular algorithms used by Data Professionals were discussed. The session concluded with Q&A

As web development grows into an essential tool in a programmer’s arsenal, IEEE APU student branch’s President, Jozhua Ten decided to organize a 2-day online workshop on “Introduction to Web Development” on Microsoft Teams. The purpose of the workshop is to teach participants on the basics of Web development using HTML, CSS and javascript. The total combined attendance from both days of the workshop was a total of 30 people. The speaker, Mr. Jozhua Ten is the current Chair of IEEE APU Student Branch, a year 2nd Software Engineering Student, Microsoft Student Partner and a alumni of NBS. On 1st May 2020, the first day of the workshop, Mr. Ten started by talking about the overview of web development using HTML. Next, the workshop moves on to a hands-on HTML and CSS programming session, while JavaScript was taught on the next day.

Title: Artificial Intelligence Talk On Facial Recognition 

By:   360 Digi TMG

Introduction to Cloud Computing with Azure

A basic introduction to the concepts of cloud computing, and an overview of what services Microsoft Azure offers, including the benefits students receive.

Membership Booth Drive

On 2019, December 16 to 20, IEEE APU members set up a Membership Booth along with a game booth at Asia Pacific University Atrium

Membership Booth

On 2020 March 9 to 13, IEEE APU members set up a Membership Booth to provide more information to students who are curious about IEEE.