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Electrical tests on power switches

Directed by Eng. Henry de la Cruz Solano, Electrical engineer – specialist in high voltage substations, Previous registration in the form.

IEEE Membership Discount

New members who want to be part of the IEEE community will receive a 50% discount on membership for both students and professionals, which will last from March 1 to August 15, 2020.

Region 9 Projects COVID-19

COVID-19 is a pandemic that has reached all of our countries, and we already know of groups of members and volunteers who want to make a difference through projects, to mitigate the ravages ir may come with.

IEEE invite you to share your projects with us, …

FASETRON technical visit

The Power and Energy chapter of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos thanks the company FASETRON for hosting us on a technical visit carried out on April 13, 2019 with the excellent exhibitions given by Eng. Miguel Ángel Laveriano Hidalgo (Head of Laboratory ) …

Talks at Jauja’s school

The Sanmarquino was always characterized by his humanistic training, the boys of our chapter PES – IEEE – UNMSM, demonstrated the file of generations, bringing education to the center of the country (District of Pacan and Centro Poblado de Curimarca), province of Jauja on the …

Chocolate UNMSM 2019

Integration activity with the members and collaborators of the UNMSM Student Branch.

Christmas UNMSM 2020

Integration activity with members and collaborators, presentation of the new chapter presidents, branch and affinity group.

Full day Arduino Workshop and Android applications

The RAS technical chapter with the support of the company Edutech held a full day where they learned how to use the Arduino ide, program and assemble a circuit with arduino. In addition, we saw the development of applications for android using Android inventor app.

Activation for World water day

Develop integration activities honoring the birthdays of the period from January to March and raising awareness of the water with a talk on water consumption and research on water by students of the Faculty of Fluid Mechanics.

Social projection activity in Pachacutec

Activity of Social Projection in Pachacutec-Ventanilla, which was carried out as part of the 468-year Anniversary Program of the Foundation of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. Where the president WIE-UNMSM, members and collaborators participated in that event presenting projects of the Engineering Career …

SEIN Short-Term operation schedule

Talk aimed at students of the Electrical Engineering major, where the agenda is the criteria, methodology, energy analysis and electrical analysis of SEIN short-term operation programming.