ACDS 2022

The Imperial College IEEE Student Branch is once again teaming up with the EEE PhD Student Representatives to bring you the 2022 IEEE Conference on Advances in Communications, Devices and Systems (ACDS), to be held on 5th of September 2022. 

The aim of the Conference is to bring together the Imperial community, to share outstanding research across different departments, and to connect with each other and our guests from industry. 

Date: 5 September 2022 

Venue: Room 305, level 3, Electrical and Electronic Engineering Building. 


10:30 – 11:00 

Registration and coffee / tea 

11:00 – 11:15 

Conference welcome 

11:15 – 12:15 

 Keynote presentation and Q&A 

12:15 – 13:30 

Lunch break 

13:30 – 15:00 

IEEE Local Student Paper Contest 

15:10 – 16:50 

PhD Research Presentations 

16:50 – 18:00 

Conference closing and refreshments 

Keynote speech 

AI in mission critical applications; How we use AI in Rolls-Royce, successes and failures 

Dr Muhannad Alomari (Mo) is currently the Head of AI across Europe for R2-Factory at Rolls-Royce plc, working on solving some of the most challenging engineering problems through the applications of AI. 




Dr Alomari is an Honorary Fellow at the Neuroscience Department at University College London, and at the Computer Science Department at City, University of London. Supervising a number of PhD and MSc students at both universities. He has a background in Autonomous Systems Engineering, and a PhD in AI and Machine Learning from the University of Leeds, where he was awarded the highly prestigious “Research Excellence award” and the “runner-up best PhD dissertation award” by the European Association for AI, among many other awards for his work in advancing the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Robotics. 

Mo speaks 2 human languages, and 7 computer languages; and he is an advocate for using AI for the good of humanity. 

IEEE Local Student Paper Contest 

We are hosting an IEEE Student Paper Contest, exclusively open to students at Imperial College. Join this part of the Conference to hear highly-driven students present their excellent projects as they compete for monetary prizes sponsored by IEEE and a chance to compete at the final IEEE Regional Paper Contest (Europe, Middle East and Africa). The selected presentations are: 


Decentralised and Privacy-Preserving Node Classification on Graph Neural Networks 

Raphael Bijaoui 

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering  


KDE-SSI: Knowledge Distilled Ensemble Model for sEMG-based Silent Speech Interface 

Wenqiang Lai, Qihan Yang, Ye Mao, Endong Sun, Jiangnan Ye 

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering 


Coarse-Graining of Molecular Dynamics Using Neural Ordinary Differential Equations 

Jakub Lala, Shanil Panara, Stefano Angiolleti-Uberti 

Department of Materials 


Promoting democratisation with blockchain technology 

Alessandra Zanin 

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering 


Automated Computational Design for Personalised Wearable Footwear Technology (online) 

Shafae Ali 

Dyson’s School of Design Engineering 

PhD research presentations 

Learn about the innovative work done by PhD researchers from the EEE and Materials Departments. The selected presentations are: 


Untangling the future of quantum communication via entangled quantum states 

Kuan-Cheng Chen 

Department of Materials 


Ultralow-cost Multispectral Spectrometer for Materials Analysis 

Saleh Komies 

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering  


The Effect of Social Influence on Aggregated Decision Making in Socio-Technical Systems 

Asimina Mertzani 

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering  


TBC (online) 

Aimon Mirza Baig 

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering  


The effect of COVID-19 on the home behaviours of people affected by dementia 

Alina-Irina Serban 

Department of Computing 

 Networking opportunities 

Use conference sessions and social receptions to connect with students, researchers, and academics at Imperial, as well as with external guests from the industry!