Cybernetics Study Association

Cybernetics Study Society (CSA), Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus, New York. The Cybernetics Study Society (CSA) at LIU-Brooklyn, USA was established in September 2012. Currently, there are about 100 members.

This club is to help students increase awareness of their potential in Concepts, Principles, Methodologies, and Applications of Cybernetics.  The purpose of the LIU-Brooklyn Cybernetics Study Association is to provide a multidiscipline interface between the diverse members, from fields such as Information Technology, Natural Sciences, Managerial Sciences, Education, Health Professionals, Nursing, and Pharmacy, to review, exchange knowledge relevant to current issues, developments and applications in the Cybernetics field.

Our  Cybernetics Study Association (CSA) received Best All-Around Student Organization Award – In recognition of Your Stellar Commitment to Providing Events that Support the LIU Brooklyn Community from LIU-Brooklyn Student Government Association (SGA) on May 8, 2013.

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