Future Innovators Workshop

Welcome to the Future Innovators Workshop!

This event is developed and hosted by electrical engineering students at the University of North Texas as members of the IEEE UNT Student Branch. We are excited to offer the opportunity to share our enthusiasm for electrical engineering with future engineers through this completely free K-12 STEM outreach program. The goal of this event is to provide electronics kits to students and teach them about the wide world of electricity, circuits, and microcontrollers through hands-on projects.

The event itself introduces basic circuit and microcontroller concepts through an Arduino and basic circuit components. During the event, we will walk students through a complete project using the provided kits. After the event, students can access the Future Innovators Workshop Handbook (attached below) for future project ideas to allow for continual learning and development.


FIW Handbook

The FIW Handbook contains starter information on both circuit and Arduino basics. It introduces the concepts of voltage, resistance, current, and capacitance and how they are used in building circuits. The handbook tells you how to get started with Arduino and the Arduino IDE. Example projects are included and are ordered in difficulty from one-star to five-star and cover topics from LED basics to advanced Arduino programming.

Registration Information

The registration for the Future Innovators Workshop has been moved to https://ieeeunt.org/fiw/.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at chiapputo@ieee.org.