Please note that this article was originally published on the old UCT IEEE website and was featured in the UCT EBE Newsletter. This article can be found here.

In 2009 the UCT Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) branch has been extremely active. They have organised a number of high profile speakers to come and talk to students on relevant topics.
This year the members have also been involved in an Engineering Project in Community Service-High (EPICS) which is an initiative that organises high school learners to work with university students on real engineering problems that have a positive community impact. The aim is to foster interest among high school learners in engineering.
The project team consisted of UCT students and learners from Westerford and Thandokhulu High Schools. The theme of the project was renewable energy. The final output of the project was a scrap-wind generator based on work done by Justin Alvey (a UCT undergraduate student) and turbine blades put together by the project team.