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The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is the world’s largest technical professional society.
IEEE Mission: Fostering Technological Innovation / Enabling Members’ Careers/
Promoting Technical Community Worldwide
More than 430,000 members in over 160 countries, including over 60,000 student members worldwide. IEEE is the leading authority in a wide technical areas.

The IEEE Toronto Section has the unique distinction of being the first section of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) formed outside the United States in 1903. This was 18 years after Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell formed the Institute.

IEEE Student Membership & Benefits:

  • Application for Student Membership can be made on-line:
  • Student membership fee is only US$32 per year (full members pay $168). NEW applications received between 1 March and 15 Aug. 2019 will automatically be processed for half-year membership ending 31 December 2019 at the half-year dues rates.
  • A Student member must carry at least 50% of a normal full-time academic program as a registered undergraduate or graduate student in a regular course of study in IEEE-designated fields. The total cumulative period for a member to hold the Student member grade and/or the Graduate Student member grade is limited to eight years.

What benefits will you enjoy as a Student member?

There are a lot of reasons to join, here are a few:   Member Benefits Flyer

  • Full access to the facilities in the IEEE Student Branch Office have the chance to speak with leading industry professionals on the latest technical trends and employment opportunities.
  • A subscription to Spectrum and Potentials, two IEEE periodicals which contain the latest news in the fields related to electrical engineering.
  • Discounts on Society memberships, IEEE books and publications.
  • Aerospace / Biomedical / Computing / Consumer Electronics / Energy / Green Tech / Robotics / Semiconductors / Telecom / At Work / Geek Life /
  • IEEE Personal Email Alias, e.g.
  • Discounted ticket prices at ALL IEEE functions and events.
  • Be a part of the world’s largest professional organization.
  • Student Member @IEEE for students — a free email updating services that highlights information relevant to students: Careers, IEEE Scholarships & Awards, Industry News, IEEE Products and Services.
  • IEEE Information Advantage Program — one-stop resource for technological innovation and professional networking IEEE Xplore™ / IEEE Fatbrain Bookstore

Ready to Join the IEEE?

All Centennial College students apply their IEEE Student Memberships online will be endorsed by Professor Haleh Hosseini, Centennial IEEE Student Branch Counselor.

If you have any questions, please email Professor Haleh Hosseini