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Webinar: Research Paper Writing

June 21, 2021 @ 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm IST

The Research Paper Writing and Publishing Webinar organized by the IEEE Pune section in association with the IEEE Student Branch MIT ADT and IEEE Computer Society, Pune Chapter held on 21 June 2021 brought students, professionals, and research scholars from all over India together.

The aim of the webinar was to share experiences, learn from one another, and discuss good practices that should be followed while writing and publishing Research Papers. The webinar was structured around small, facilitated sessions and presentations followed by an interesting round of QnA to allow all participants to enter into a practical discussion.

There were inputs from brilliant key speakers from IEEE who provided insights into the important factors that make an ordinary research paper a great one. The webinar was a key activity for the IEEE Pune Section as it aimed to attract more students towards research paper writing, empower learning, develop skills, and support opportunities (like the IEEE PuneCon which is to be organized by IEEE MIT ADT in December 2021)  for all within the society.

This report provides an overview of the webinar, background information and objectives, and a summary of the presentations and discussions.

Agenda of the Webinar:

  • To introduce young brains to Research Paper Writing and Publishing
  • To elaborate on the Nuances of writing a research paper
  • To help attendees understand the Etiquettes and Ethics that must be followed in Research Paper Publishing
  • To help make people aware of the IEEE open science initiatives and what’s new at IEEE Xplore.


The quiz was held on www.menti.com and organized by the IEEE Bangalore Section under the direction of Dr. Dhanukumar Pattanashetti. The quiz was MCQ based with 6 questions and for each question, 4-5 options were provided, participants were granted points out of 1000 for each correct answer based on how quickly they answered and 0 points for the wrong answer. Participants were provided 10 seconds to answer and after each question, the ranking was displayed. The participant with the highest score won.

Execution of the event:

The webinar started with an interesting session on “Nuances of Writing Research Paper” which was delivered by Dr.Neha Sharma, who is the Secretary of IEEE Pune Section and the founder and secretary of the society for data science. She begins the session by busting myths about Research Paper Writing. In her session, she put some light on the significance of paper writing and the common practices related to it. She elaborated on paper layout, cross-referencing, the language of paper, and certain common myths about paper writing. She blessed the participants with her tremendous knowledge, experiences, and thoughts.

The next speaker was Dr. Rajesh Ingle. He is the Chair of IEEE Computer Society (Pune) and Vice-Chair of IEEE India Council. He is also the Head of Blockchain and Distributed Systems Labs. He enlightened everyone on the topic “Etiquette and Ethics in Publishing”. He focused mainly on plagiarism. His session was an eye-opening session for various mysterious fields related to Research Paper Publishing and he clarified them very gracefully.

Dr. Dhanukumar Pattanashetti was the third speaker. He is a Senior IEEE Client Services Manager at IEEE India Operations Center in Bengaluru. He spoke on ”IEEE Open Science Initiatives and What’s New at IEEE Xplore”. He explained to everyone about the significance of crucial initiatives taken by IEEE and how these should be utilized for learning and developing oneself. We were blessed to have the delightful presence of such a great speaker.

His session was followed by a Quiz round. The quiz was MCQ based with 6 questions and for each question, 4-5 options were provided, participants were given 10 seconds to answer each question for which they were awarded points out of 1000 for each correct answer based on how quickly they answered. The participants with the highest score in the end won.

The quiz was followed by the most interesting part, the QnA round session where all participants could communicate and discuss the practical problems faced during Research Paper Writing and Publishing.

In the end, Dr. Reena Pagare gave the vote of thanks to all the guest speakers and participants who made the evening truly memorable.

Participation Statistics achieved:

The number of participants in the webinar sessions was huge. There was an active percentage of participants where both professionals and students participated. It was observed that the student participation was more than the professional participation. The statistics suggest that there were 45% of professional participation and 55% of student participation.


The webinar yielded a huge range of ideas and suggestions about research paper writing and publishing. The event was led and executed successfully. The event was successful enough to attract as many as 163 registrations for a one-day event. The event was made even more fun and interesting when the participants were allowed to give answers and correct answers were given acknowledgment in the form of prizes. The quiz was organized by the IEEE Bangalore section and the top 3 winners were encouraged with the merchandise.



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Pune, Maharashtra India


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