About the Program:

Optical technology is one of the key technologies that have been widely used for communication and sensing. By utilizing different degrees of freedom of the photon, signals can be detected and processed in different dimensions including amplitude, phase, time, frequency, LP mode, OAM mode, and so on. Multidimensional signal processing technologies have thus been broadly studied for improving the performance of communication, computing, or even sensing systems. The purpose of this seasonal school to collectively disseminate the recent advances in these technologies and that the academic and industry participants will be able to challenge and design enabling technologies of signal processing methods for optical communication, optical computing, and optical sensing. Digital, electrical, and optical signal processing theories, integrated chips, devices, subsystems/systems for the modern industry.

Resource Persons:

From IITs/IIITs/NITs/Organizations of High Repute.

Target audience:

SPS members, Academic faculty, Persons from Industry, Research scholars, practitioners, PG students who have a strong focus on Signal processing.



Date: March 6th – 10th 2023

Venue: Beta Hall, Sri Sai Ram Engineering College


Accommodation to the outstation participants will be provided within the campus on prior request,well in advance by the participants.


Email: sbrindha.ece@sairam.edu.in

Mobile: 9176650672