The Student Branch got the approval to formation of Industry Application Societies Student Branch
Chapter on 24-02-2021 with the geo-code: SBC64622
Also got the approval for formation of IEEE Systems Council in our Student branch.

                                                               IEEE Industry Applications Society
IEEE Industry Applications Society will be a world leader in the advancement of science and technology
linking theory and practice in the application of electrical and electronic systems for the benefit of humanity.
Exchange information with the foremost industrial experts through personal participation in a local chapter
meetings, seminars and regional, national and international conferences which can be accessed at Events and
Conferences page.

  • The advancement of theory and practice of electrical and electronic engineering for the benefit of humanity
  •  The promotion of safe, reliable, sustainable and economical installations.
  •  The sharing of knowledge in our domains.
  •  The creation of engineering standards and recommended practices.
  •  The professional development of our global membership.
  •  IAS focuses specifically on the unique needs of industry and commerce.

                                                                                   Systems Council
Formed in 2005, the IEEE Systems Council promotes, encourages, and supports the technical, academic and
application aspects of systems engineering and systems thinking through its own activities, and with its
Society members through joint activities for the growth of Council Affiliate membership, member Society
membership, and for addressing overall global challenges.
The Systems Council integrates IEEE activities regarding aspects of multiple disciplines and specialty areas of
systems engineering, and covers, but is not limited to:

  • Systems Engineering education, standards, processes, methodologies
  • Systems Modelling, simulation, integration, resilience
  •  Robust design, safety & human factors, security, usability, environmental
  •  Product transition: design, production, test, deployment, disposal
  •  Program/project management
  •  Quality Assurance
  •  Mission Assurance
  •  Requirements Development & Management
  •  Risk Management
  •  Systems Architecture
  •  Systems-of-Systems