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2021/05/20 17:00:00

Event 5 - Eng. Christian Tamantini

PsycoPhysiological State Estimation in Human-Robot Interaction

BIOSKETCH: PhD student in the Research Unit of Advanced Robotics and Human-Centred Technologies, CREO-Lab (Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma).
He focuses on the deveopement of algorithms and approaches for the psycophysiological state estimation of user that can be exploited in robot-aided rehabilitation, assessing the patient experience in interacting with a rehabilitation robot, as well as in workplaces for risk prevention.

The talk will introduce an overview of the algorithms that can be used to estimate the psycophysiological state of users starting from physiological measures.

Event 4 - Bio-sPitch.D.


Here’s a brand-new event collaboratively organized by the IEEE Student Branches of Politecnico di Torino (PoliTo) and Università Campus Bio-Medico (UCBM) of Rome.

Bio-sPitch.D was conceived after the reciprocal recognition of similar events organized by the two branches, where PhD students of these universities discuss their research to share their knowledge with other IEEE members, eventually improving networking. The UCBM Branch of Rome organizes the sPeach.D. (https://edu.ieee.org/it-unicampus/speach-d/), while the PoliTo branch organizes the PitchD (https://site.ieee.org/sb-polito/pitchd-the-phds-pitch/). Therefore, we decided to co-organize a brand-new event, named IEEE Bio-sPitch.D., where Andrea (PoliTo) and Joshua (UCBM) will talk about their bio-related PhD research topics.

Joshua Di Tocco (Università Campus Bio-Medico) will present a talk entitled: “Smart textiles for respiratory rate and joint monitoring”
Andrea Mongardi (Politecnico di Torino) will present a talk entitled “A bio-inspired embedded system for sEMG-based gesture recognition.”

– Date: 16 December 2020 – 5.30 PM
– Location: YouTube

The event will be the first opportunity for us to improve the collaboration and networking among italian IEEE Student Branches. Join us to listen to their pitches and to meet the members of the other student branch. The event will be streamed on the Politecnico di Torino IEEE  Student Branch YouTube channel!

Event 3 - Ing. Marco Cocchi

Catalytic pyrolysis of plastic waste

The speachd is back, for the third event we have Engineer Marco Cocchi

BIOSKETCH: Ph.D. student in chemical engineering at Chemical-physics Fundamentals research unit (principles of chemical engineering). Research fields are industrial chemistry, catalyst characterization and process design.

The research activity investigates a sustainable valorization pathway for waste plastics. Through the pyrolysis process plastic is converted in a liquid hydrocarbon mixture, similar to crude oil. The latter can be used as a sustainable liquid fuel for transportation and power generation, or as a primary chemical source for fine chemical industry. The reaction involves the use of a catalyst, namely zeolite, that is produced from another industrial waste stream: coal fly ash (CFA). The introduction of a catalyst has been able to bring two major advantages to the pyrolysis process reducing the required reaction energy (power saving) and increasing the pyrolysis oil quality in terms of composition. The research activity is in collaboration with ENEA casaccia research’s center at the laboratories for sustainability and circular economy.

Event 2 - Ing. Andrea Demofonti

Improvement methods for upper and lower limb prosthetic perception

The speachd is back, for the second event we have Engineer Andrea Demofonti.

BIOSKETCH: Eng. Andrea Demofonti is a PhD student in the Research Unit of Advanced Robotics and Human-Centred Technologies, CREO-Lab (Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma).
His research activities are focused on the development of robotic joints for prosthetic applications and a system for the restoration of sensory feedback in patients with upper and lower limb amputations based on Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS).

Andrea will accompany us through the world of robotics with a speech entitled: Improvement methods for upper and lower limb prosthetic perception.

Event 1 - Ing. Arianna Carnevale

Wearable systems for monitoring joints kinematics and physiological vital signs

Arianna Carnevale is a PhD student at two joint units: Unità di Misure e Strumentazione Biomedica (Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma) e Unità di Ortopedia e Traumatologia (Policlinico Campus Bio-Medico di Roma).

Her research activities are focused on the development of wearable systems for monitoring shoulder joint kinematics and for the monitoring of physiological parameters.

Arianna is a former master student at Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma who has decided to continue her academic career through her PhD. Now in her second year of doctorate she opens the doors of her research to show us a pinch of future.