In order to provide tutoring for students and to increase student engagement in the learning process, fostering academic improvement and greater understanding in Circuit Theory II. A clinic is conducted to provide aid to the first year students in UKM on 4th of April in 2019.

The event started at 5pm sharp. 13 of Electrical and Electronic Engineering students attended this program. Volunteers from the IEEE EDS UKM SB as well as the lecturers of the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Programme, Prof. Madya Dr. BADARIAH BINTI BAIS, Dr. WAN MIMI DIYANA BINTI WAN ZAKI and Dr. AQILAH BINTI BASERI HUDDIN have also attended the clinic and gave guidance to students while they were trying to solve the question sets prepared. Q&A session was also conducted for the students to clarify their doubts and uncertainties faced while studying Circuit Theory II. Light refreshments were provided for the participants and lecturers. The event ended successfully at 8pm.