In order to provide workshop for primary school students to increase students’ engagement in the electronic circuit by providing a ‘hand-on’ learning environment for encouraging subjects like Engineering , Mathematics and Science in schools. The event held on two days at two different primary schools. The first school is at SK Jalan Enam on 9th of October while the other school is at SK Jalan Empat on 23rd of October.

The event started at 9am sharp. 14 of Electrical and Electronic Engineering students attended this event for each day. Lecturer of the IEEE UKM EDS SB, Dr. Norazreen Abd Aziz has also attended the workshop. Training session was held at the beginning for the students to familiarize with the electronic training kit. Quiz session had also conducted for the students to get more ideas on the theories of a circuit. Circuit presentation was also held for student to design the circuit displayed on the projector and explained the circuit. Prize giving ceremony held at the end of the program.