“The beginning is always today.”
~Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

IEEE UCET IUB is setting up its new office barriers and proudly announcing the new Executive Committee for the Tenure 2021-2022.

Executive Committee
Chairperson: (Syeda Iqra Fatima)

Vice-Chair Int’l Affairs: (Farasat Ali)

Vice-Chair Events: (Shiza Athar)

General Secretary: (Zubair Ali)

Treasurer: (Samiullah Tariq)

Webmaster: (Haseeb Zafar)

Extended ExCom
Newsletter Editor: (Rafiea Ashraf)

Photographer: (Ahsan Raza)

Information Secretary: (Sidra Naeem)

Joint Secretary Faculty of Computing: (Sharjeel Yunus)

Joint Secretary Faculty of Management Sciences: (Sameea Abbasi)

Joint Secretary Faculty of Pharmacy: (Abdul Rafay)

Congratulations, newly appointed officers, and best wishes for your tenure.


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