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Inauguration Ceremony of IEEE EMBS

Adviser Massage

Dr.Khan Bahadar Khattak

Dr.Khan Bahadar Khattak

Adviosr Engineering in medicine and Biological Society

Greetings Everyone!
I, the Advisor of IEEE EMBS UCET IUB, Dr. Khan Bahadur Khattak is here to tell that you all can enhance your skills and can put forward your resolutions. EMBS is not only a society of IEEE but also a field to hype you up and help you in medical sciences. I’m proud to be a part of this prestigious Society. And I’ll try my best to serve y’all with total honesty and never-ending enthusiasm. Even if you haven’t been to any society but your enthusiasm wins over every complexity. We give you a platform to trace new things, discover your hidden abilities, and show off your strengths. We’ll conduct Mega Events which will be better than ever, crossing every possible parameter which defines success. For me, It is a matter of immense pleasure, honor, and pride, being a part of this society I assure you all that you all will be benefited with a huge success, much like the previous ones, but a lot better. This is our passion, days of hard work, and an undying spirit to succeed as a team. Let us help make this society larger-than-life..

Chairperson Message

Ahad Rehman

Chairperson IEEE EMBS

“The roads do not end until the goal is reached”. Time is what shapes a person. It takes nothing to talk about change but it takes a great deal to bring about one. It is an honor for me to be a part of Pakistan’s third platform of the IEEE EMBS Chapter as a Chairperson. We, the students of today are the ones who will decide the future of Biomedical Engineering in Pakistan. I heartily congratulate my whole team for producing one of the most inspiring pieces any intelligent being could hope for. You will find this EMB society unique as well as Informative. This society is not merely a tool of recreation, but rather, a platform to express, a platform that set us free to think and ventures into the shades of life that are not generally recognized.
Remember: “It is only through sleepless nights and tireless days that something timeless is created”.
So come and join us and expect more.
Allah Bless you!


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