Control Interaction Studies in Connecting HVDCs, Wind Farms, and Power Electronics Based Devices to Electrical Networks

As the electrical energy landscape evolves, the integration of HVDC systems, wind farms, and power electronics-based devices into electrical networks offers unique challenges and opportunities to boost grid stability and efficiency. This webinar focuses on the crucial operability studies necessary for their effective connection.

Attendees will delve into effective control interaction study methods, alongside strategies for selecting study areas and conducting screening studies. Tailored for engineers, researchers, and industry professionals.

Short Bio:

Dr Afshin Pashaei is a distinguished HVDC SME and leader in the energy sector with a comprehensive background across HVDC manufacturing, utility (transmission network), windfarm development, and R&D organizations. Afshin is the Power Quality and Dynamic Performance Manager at National Grid UK. He excels in addressing technical, design, and strategic challenges, with significant achievements in VSC HVDC control systems and the formulation of dynamic performance standards. As a Chartered Engineer, Senior Member of IEEE, and Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, his work is crucial in advancing transitions to future networks and enhancing HVDC solutions.