Societies and Affinities

What is IEEE

IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Click the buttons below to Join IEEE or Download the IEEE App.


  1. Stay up to date with the world of technology
  2. Free access to most resources
  3. Get Discounts On Different Events and Competitions
  4. Connect with people with interest in the same field as you


What IEEE can do for you?

IEEE can help you with  Research 

One of the best uses of IEEE is for research purposes which will not only open your doors to the path of higher studies with scholarships but also your name will be written in books of IEEE Forever. Click to learn more

IEEE can help you with your Studies

Be a mentor of IEEE or take the help of a mentor of IEEE. Not just this the resources and materials that IEEE provides you with can bring about a great change in your life of studying. Click to learn more

IEEE can help you with Networking

Interested in a topic that you don’t know much? Have an idea of a project but don’t know who to talk to? IEEE is there for you. Use IEEE App or IEEE Collabratec to get connected with people and get benefited in life together. Click to learn more.

IEEE can help you build your Career

Knock on the doors of IEEE and you’ll be baffled by the huge number of opportunities that IEEE provides with in terms of building your career. A job or entrepreneurship IEEE can help you with both. Click to learn more.