Our Purpose

IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology – Ryerson Chapter is a student led initiative that intends on expanding students’ understanding of biomedical engineering and having them explore the various opportunities provided in industries. Our motive is ensuring that connections are made to other disciplines while emphasizing the importance of Engineering in Medicine and Biology in scientific communities through various workshops, networking events and collaborations.

Meet the 2021-2022 Team

Khushi Tailor (She/Her)
4th Year Biomedical


"Khushi’s favourite animal is a COW 🐮 "
Aleeza Khan (She/Her)
4th Year Biomedical


"I absolutely LOVE watching horror movies and will choose them over any genre anyday."
Kia Alizadeh (He/Him)
2nd Year Biomedical

VP Administration 

"Coraline is my favourite movie."
Maria Patrick (She/Her)
4th Year Biomedical

VP Finance

"I love funky socks!!"
Isha Baxi (She/Her)
4th Year Biomedical

VP Marketing

"I’m an avid binge watcher! If you ask me if I’ve seen a show, the answer is most likely YES!" 
Qussai Antabi (He/Him)
2nd Year Biomedical

VP Media

"Just a dude who’s slowly becoming a polyglot 🤷🏼‍♂️"
Yas Montaseri (She/Her)
4th Year Biomedical

VP Operations

"I used to have a huge eraser collection when I was a kid."
Eraj Zaidi (She/Her)
2nd Year Computer

VP Outreach

"I won every race at my elementary school!"
Saima Munir (She/Her)
4th Year Computer


"I'm a plant mom with 40 plants (so far)!"
Areeba Amjad (She/Her)
2nd Year Biomedical

Student Representative

"I love doing DIYs and small craft projects!""
Matthew Olver (He/Him)
2nd Year Biomedical

Student Representative

"Ice cream is my favorite dessert."

Sandra Alexander (She/Her)
2nd Year Biomedical

Student Representative

"My first and last name have the same meaning! And I’m trilingual."

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2019-2020 Team

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