Frontier Of HealthCare

Conference focused on emerging issues in digital health

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The Frontier of Healthcare Conference serves to educate professionals, academics and students about upcoming and emerging trends in the Digital Healthcare Industry.

Fireside Chat

Speakers from various streams such as Engineering, Research and Development, Entrepreneurship and leaders in the healthcare industry spark a conversation on current and growing problems in the digital health field.

Case Competition

The conference includes an interdisciplinary case Competition where delegates will be given the opportunity to create a solution to a problem in the digital health field.


Delegates will receive the opportunity to learn valuable practical skills from Industry professionals.


Delegates will get the chance to pitch their ideas and rebut perspectives to address ethical concerns in the digital healthcare industry.


An opportunity to connect with healthcare companies.


Debate: $500

Case Competition:

1st Place: $1000

2nd Place: $500







The Frontier of Healthcare is a 2 day initiative focused on a central theme of Digital Health, with speakers from various streams such as Engineers, Scientists, Entrepreneurs and leaders in the medical field discussing current and growing problems in the digital health field. Building on the problems identified in the conference, delegates will be challenged to implement their solutions to these problems.

Applications are open to students from any technical, scientific, and commercial program, including engineering, computer science, business, accounting, politics, nursing, science, social work, etc. Also, any university students are welcome!

Teams for the case competition are chosen prior to the submission of the delegate application, and should consist of 5 members. Similarly, teams for the debate are chosen prior to the submission of the delegate application, and should consist of 3 to 5 members.
2 - Technical
2 - Clinical/Science
1 - Business/Politics

If applicants interested in participating are not on a team, they will be assigned to a group based on their selection to participate in the case competition or debate.

The price for delegates to attend the conference is $15, and will be paid upon approval of their delegate application.

The delegate applications are now extended to June 13, 2019.



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