Unlike traditional competitions, our Case Competition spans two weeks prior to the conference and includes one-on-one mentoring from the technology incubator iBOOST, MEIE (Master of Engineering Innovation & Entrepreneurship) and SDZ (Science Discovery Zone) are mentoring! One-on-one mentoring slots are provided.

Mentoring spans from June 17th - 28th, 2019.
Competitors will be given the arena to test their skills on a real life issue present in the healthcare industry. The teams will compose students from the following discipline:
  • Technical
  • Clinical
  • Commercial
They will develop a solution, accompanied by a proof-of-concept and/or prototype, that will be assessed by our panel of judges. A good idea is not only innovative, it must be sustainable and make sense within the confines of the system it operates in.

Template Problem:

How to improve self-triage and coping for the patient in any disease or ailment of any severity of your choice (Please be specific in targeting your problem). Please specify the demographics or users. Is it to be used for self-triage (consumer) or clinical?

Consider the following as it will be how you will be marked:

1. Need
Is there a need for your solution. Don't be overwhelmed by if your solution innovative or not. Rather, focus on the need.

2. Technical Feasibility
Don't forget a proof of concept/working prototype is part of the marking

3. User Experience
How was the user's perspective considered, was any research done?

4. Business Model
Consider how to implement availability, sustainability and adaption.

5. Pitch
How well can you communicate your solution/need to the judges. This is the make it or break it point!

Support/Contacts we are providing:
- Sign up for mentoring from our supporting incubators (SDZ and iBOOST):
- Feel free to email if your team would like more support or has missed the June 18th iBOOST workshop

- iBOOST Lectures have been posted on slack! Ensure Notifications turned on and join ASAP.


Are you more effective with your communication skills than hands-on skills? Do topics such as Digital Health, and ethics and morals involved in healthcare spark your interest? If so, join us for our debate happening at The Frontier of Healthcare Conference.
50 participants in groups of 3-4 students and will participate in 4 action-packed rounds, held in a tournament style. In each round, teams will be given about 5-7 minutes to present their stance regarding a healthcare related topic presented by professors and industry professionals.



Start-up Services Manager
iBoost Zone, Ryerson University

Nicole is the Start-up Services Manager at iBoost Zone, an early-stage tech incubator housed within Ryerson University. She has spent the last 9 years enabling entrepreneurship and innovation; first as a lobbyist and legislative strategist for Canada's largest small business association, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, and then as the lead for the Red Tape Challenge, a government-wide initiative to make it easier to do business in Ontario. Nicole then completed her Master of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology at the University of Waterloo. During her tenure there, she was a Senior Analyst with the University of Waterloo Venture Fund, and also, worked with incubators and other institutions to support technology start-ups. She is passionate about the intersection between entrepreneurship, innovation, education and their role in improving the lives of Canadians.


System Test Specialist
Synaptive Medical

Sidrah graduated from Ryerson's Biomedical Engineering program in 2017 and then got a masters in Biomedical Engineering from University of Toronto with a focus in product development. For a year after her graduation, Sidrah worked at William Osler health system to optimize clinical processes and develop continuous quality improvement systems. This work led to a 30% decrease in patient wait times with significant qualitative improvement in the clinical environment. Currently Sidrah is working at Synaptive Medical as a System Test Specialist.


Additional Incentives for the Top 3 Winning Teams:

  • Each delegate will be offered a scholarship to the MEIE program

  • Incubation by iBoost