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Micromouse is an engineering design competition created by IEEE in the late 1970s, In this contest the contestant, or team of contestants, must design and build an autonomous robotic ”mouse” capable of traversing a maze of standard dimensions from a specified corner to its center in the shortest time digging into mathematical algorithms and logical thinking through the journey of building the mouse ,the students will build an embedded system from A TO Z , Using Algorithms, learning Advanced PCB skills and learning System modeling & simulation.

Teaching the student new technologies.

  • Using complexly embedded chips like AVR, Raspberry Pi, ESP, PIC.
  • Developing complexly integrated chips using surface mount mythology.
  • Working in simulation programs.
  •  Teaching students to work on algorithms and develop their own one.


  • Rising technical skills of not only HTI students but all students from other universities and institutes on top branding technologies.
  • Rise up students minds to using new technologies
  • Applying AI technologies in HTI and Egypt.
  • Surviving the robotics and automation society in Egypt.
  • Holding the international competition in Egypt next year.

Why MicroMouse contest ?

Rising the student competition sprit will lead to increase the passion of students to research and apply new technologies, also to fill the gap between the actual technologies in labor market and trained technologies in the academic study