RTI (Revolution of Technology Innovation)

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By the fact that, nowadays students have a traditional mind, this could be the imaginary prison in which they besieged themselves. Speaking of this, IEEE HTI-SB launched this event to make the Revolution of Technology innovation in students’ mind. This will be done by showing them the right way and putting them on track to challenge their minds with Infinite Creativity, then IEEE-SB give them the rope through which they will connect these innovative ideas on the ground.
Goals: Broadcast the spirit of creativity inside the students with raising the ability of interaction with industrial leaders beside the academic life.
 Open up industry trends for Seniors
 Showing new technologies that about to replace old ones
 Opening up to students that engineering is not about traditional anymore.
 Leading students to create effective graduation projects.
 Reflecting R&D Concepts as industry solutions.
 Calling for new innovative industry entrepreneurs.
 Supporting students’ ideas to become live.
 Eng. Nahel Muhammed – TIEC
 Dr. Ahmed Abd Ellatif – CEO ASG plastics factory
 Eng. Ali Magdy – SSV Founder Eng.
 Marwa Ayad – Founder of your child code