What is the importance of robots in our present life and in the future?

A lot of us hear news from everywhere that in fact science and this field is very important in the future life to the extent that when we were young, even children’s programs always hinted at me that the future is always no one will do anything themselves, but that the robots will do everything, is there anyone He asked himself, is the subject really worth all this?
Let us agree that it is so important that NASA itself sent robots instead of humans into outer space, so that instead of endangering human life and working on its development, there is no concern of any disasters for the crew!
Are you imagining this robot could be standard and its specifications work, how do you? See how many human souls can be saved after they come up with an idea like this and develop them to a great degree?

What is the purpose of the event and what is its relationship to robots in general and all this talk?

Our event will be a competitive competition between a number of teams that will compete with their robots in order to reach, at the end, the best robot among them. Of course, we will have prizes for the owners of the first 3 positions, and this will be announced with a detailed explanation of the entire competition via the link of the event here in the coming days. God willing

what of MicroMouse ?

It is an international competition that was first used in the late seventies by IEEE, and it will remain the first experience locally in Egypt through us and internationally through the IEEE cerpe conference.

what is the purpose of MicroMouse ?

Simply the goal is that each team that designs and implements an autonomous robot is able to solve a maze with specific standard dimensions from the specified starting point in the least possible time, and this is of course using mathematical algorithms and logical thinking during the design and implementation of the “mouse”.
The aim is also that all students learn new needs that benefit them, such as the Advanced PCB skills and system modeling simulation