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Welcome to IEEE Virtual Boot Camp Activity Section

  • Please keep your cameras and microphones off unless you have something urgent to ask.
  • No kind of disrespect will be tolerated from the participants. Anyone who’s found creating nuisance will be barred from the event.
  • A feedback form will be given to you at the end of the online session. You have to submit your entry in the form and submit it by the end of the day.

Result will be declared to all participants after day 6

Professional Development session on the importance of perception and cognitive approach to thinking for people in STEM and how it helps in improving the world?

Counselling session on the scope of STEM, focusing on start-up ideas, and how IEEE can help like how you can publish your research or ideas on IEEE platforms, introduction to various IEEE platforms and resources, etc.
It will include Case Study at the end of the session.

An interactive online seminar on technical issues delivered by eminent professors in the field. At the end of the session, a case study would be held focusing on how the techniques learned could be applied in practical life.

Session on WIE: Interview with leading women in STEM focusing on their career trajectory, their accomplishments, and the challenges they’ve faced. A quiz would be held at the end of the session focusing on WIE figures.

Open interaction with student branch committee and graduate IEEE members discussing the benefits of IEEE Student membership. Discussions on the annual plan of our Student Branch. Briefing on various IEEE branches, sections, and sites including VTools. Q&A session will be held to remove any confusion.


Promo IEEE Virtual Boot-Camp

Promo IEEE Virtual Boot-Camp

Inauguration Day IEEE Virtual Boot-Camp

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