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Event Summary: –

A 5-Day IEEE PES DAY 2021 celebration on virtual platforms aimed at familiarizing the participants with all aspects of IEEE PES Society, and theme of PES DAY 2021 “Clean Energy Revolution” including technical, non-technical, professional, innovative ideas for project and posters competition. To make each event an outcome-based event, the students would be provided with an online panel discussion. The idea is to inculcate a problem-solving behavior and learn to apply theories in practical life focusing on perception and improving listening skills and energy changes shifting from non- renewable energy sources to renewable energy sources which will reduce environmental pollution.

How this activity benefits the students.

Since the main goal is to improve leadership skills, we aim to help the participants enjoy the spirit of taking initiatives, working as a team, working to solve problems, and not be afraid of participating. We have introduced the innovative idea for projects that will be focusing on the theme “Clean Energy Revolution”. We are planning for webinars on opportunities in power and energy conservation to make it more interactive and we also have quizzes on webinars to make it more attentive.

The certificates would be provided in the given area’s attendance, excellence in a field, participation, innovation, improvement so that they can be a valuable addition to the CV of the participant.

The PES team as well as professionals are undoubtedly one of the most involved faces in the technical fields hereby assuring the spike of technical quality, experience and expertise in the event.

An individual becomes a leader when he/she takes that opportunity into their hands and volunteers themselves to be the change the world seeks for which is exactly what our events crown our volunteers with a sense of leadership

A blend of the whole IEEE community including the PES young professionals, PES student Volunteers, industrialists and researchers affiliated to IEEE coming together would be an opportunity for everyone to interact, network and put their ideologies across

NOTE: – Considering the advisory given by IEEE and WHO, keeping in mind the health of the people, PES Day 2021 is going to be a strictly virtual event


    This proposal is prepared by Ex-Com IEEE BBDITM PES Chapter.

    • Marut Nandan Tripathi (Chair)
    • Suryansh Gupta (Vice-Chair)
    • Mudit Rana (Secretary)
    • Avi Agarwal (Treasurer)
    • Aviral D. Srivastava (Webmaster)
    • Aakriti Kushwaha (Joint Secretary)