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Welcome to “IEEE Student Branch” , GBPIET Pauri

IEEE Student Branch of GBPIET, Pauri seeks to enhance the learning experience of the student community in GBPIET. The Student Branch focuses on conducting social and technical activities for students, and also encourages the students to take full advantage of IEEE membership, including scholarships, competitions, and conference grants. The Student Branch also intends to provide opportunities for students to network with peers in other institutes, academicians, professionals, engineers, and scientists through the on campus IEEE Student Branch and the Local IEEE Section, thereby encouraging students to be a part of the global IEEE community. The IEEE student branch GBPIET is the complete institute level part of the IEEE Uttar Pradesh Section.

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Multiple opportunity
The first step in forming an "IEEE Student Branch" is to complete the online Petition Form. You will need to have faculty and department support as well as signatures of at least twelve (12) active IEEE Student and/or Graduate Student Members
Online Availability

*Access IEEE online services and resources.
*Materials designed to promote IEEE membership and its services.

Benefits of Forming IEEE

Gives Students a community of peers, and a connection to faculty and industry professionals who drive innovation in countless technical fields.

IEEE offerings

* Participation in regional conferences, workshop and competitions.
* Participate in awards, scholarships and projects / design programs and student paper contest.

The Best Interaction Ever

"Embrace New experience, See opportunities, Surprise Yourself. "
*Enhancing your perception is what is needed *
GBPIET, Pauri Garhwal


Most frequent questions and answers about IEEE

*Stay updated with the latest technology and gadgets.
*As a student you will be exposed to various technical conferences.
*Skills Cultivation in you like Leadership, team management.

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The main purpose of the IEEE is to engage exclusively in scientific and educational activities within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, directed toward the advancement of the theory and practice of allied branches of engineering and related art and sciences, which benefit the engineering profession and the public.

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To encourage and support students to put their creativity and intelligence into action. It helps students to bring up a lot of amazing Ideas towards cultural and technical Fields. 

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With technical Magazines like IEEE Spectrum, IEEE Potentials and IEEE The Institute Newsletter, You will be ale to stay updated with the latest advancements in your field of interest and all fields in general. 

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IEEE basically created for encouraging students activities in every field Technical, Cultural and also building good  management Qualities. 

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