Taiwan-Europe Semiconductor Training Program



The Taiwan-Europe Short-Term Semiconductor Training Program is an initiative supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), ROC (Taiwan), aimed at Electronic Engineering students based in Europe. It is hosted by the National Taiwan University (NTU).

The program offers to the student the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in the field of micro and nano-electronics in a stimulating and innovative environment such as Taiwanese. Here are some brief insights of the topics offered to students during the program:

  • Full-Custom IC design;
  • Cell-Based IC design;
  • Advanced Topic in CMOS MEMS IC design;
  • Silicon Photonics Design and Analysis;
  • Power management IC design in CMOS BCD technologies.

If you are interested taking part in the program, check frequently our website! Here we will post updated information on it!

source: Wikipedia, author: 毛貓大少爺


July 2024 – Unfortunately there are currently no places available for this year for the students of the University of Pavia.

We will keep you informed if there are any news!

About Taiwan

Taiwan is an island nation located in East Asia. It has a vibrant economy, renowed semiconductor industry and friendly people. Taiwan is a captivating destination known for its thriving semiconductor industry, vibrant democracy and remarkable economic achievements. Taiwan’s semiconductor industry has garned worldwide recognition, earning it the title of the “Silicon Valley of Asia”. The island is home to leading semiconductor companies and has become an indispensable player in shaping the digital era. Taiwan upholds the values of freedom, human rights and civic engagement. Taiwan is not only a land of opportunity but a place where you can deepen your understanding of the intersection between technology, democracy and prosperity