The University Student Association Pavia Engineering Student Branch – P.E.S.B. is a non-profit scientific-cultural association supported by A.C.E.R.S.A.T. and has the purpose of disseminating scientific/humanistic knowledge for all the young university students, sponsoring, promoting and coordinating studies, debates, research, cultural and social activities relating to engineering and the technical / technological world in general. The Association proposes ideas, organizes and coordinates events such as seminars, presentations, meetings, talks and other activities aimed at spreading scientific research. Furthermore, it promotes the participation of students in scientific and technological competitions or international conferences and it encourages the production of scientific articles. 

For some years, IEEE Student Branch and PESB collaborated together to give the possibility to join events and know more about many topics related to our University. One of the most important goals is to create a network among all the students and the academic people in general.

More we are,
More we do.

Simone Giroletti

Ph.D. Student in Microelectronics

Davide Arenare

Ph.D. Student in Electronic, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

We are searching for people to join us! Let us know if you’re interested!