IEEEXtreme 17.0

The 17th edition of IEEEXtreme will take place on October 28th, 2023. 

Students who want to joint can write to us through the contact form. 

Team registration will open on August 1st, 2023.

This year, the prizes are:

1st PLACE Cover a trip to the IEEE conference of your choice, anywhere in the worls.

2nd PLACE US$400 cash award for each member of the team.

3rd PLACE US$300 cash award for each member of the team

4th – 10th PLACE Xtreme merchandise bundle and special software gifts from the sponsors of the competition.

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IEEEXtreme 16.0

The IEEE Pavia Student Branch is supporting the three UNIPV teams!

IEEEXtreme is a global challenge in which teams of IEEE Student members compete in a 24-hour time span against each other to solve a set of programming problems.

Read the dedicated article in the unipv news website.

Who can partecipate?

  • All participants must be IEEE members (Student member or Graduate Student member only) to register and compete in the competition. IEEE membership numbers are required.
  • Participants must compete as part of a team of up to three IEEE Student or Graduate Student members. Teams should only include a maximum of two Graduate Student members per team.
  • Universities and colleges can have multiple teams.
  • Each team must have a proctor to supervise during the 24-hour programming competition.
  • Team members must solve and complete the problems without assistance from others

*Please note that the intent and spirit of the competition is for the students, not others, to solve a problem. People acting as proctor must limit the level of support and must not contribute in any other form that might be considered original authorship, or in any way that may enable claims of rights or ownership to the submitted entries. In no case will work on behalf of teams or individuals be allowed.


A proctor is mandatory for each team participating in the competition. Proctors should be an IEEE member of higher membership grade (not an undergraduate or Graduate Student member). Student Branch Counselors, Department Chairs, or IEEE Young Professionals members make great proctors as they are all higher-grade IEEE members.

Proctor tasks include:

  • Monitoring the general flow of the activity
  • Informing students when the competition begins, at the middle of it, when there are six hours left, and when there is one hour left
  • Ensuring that no one external to the team members helps or assists the student participants in resolving the problems in any way.
  • A proctor can monitor no more than 20 teams.


In advance of the competition, the Proctor of Record and a team monitored by that proctor must agree on either a physical location in which to participate or appropriate online tools to communicate with each other and for the proctor to monitor the team. Whatever choice is made, the Proctor of Record must be able to verify that competition rules are being followed.

Should circumstances allow, proctor and one or more teams monitored by the proctor can participate in the same physical venue. As long as the Proctor of Record agrees, venues can be a location on an educational campus, such as a computer lab, a company office, or another suitable location. It must be a place that participants can use for the entire 24 hours of the competition. Teams will need some connection to the internet and at least one computer to work on. It is ideal if the venue also has space for participants to rest.

Student Branch activity

Student Branches, if able, should support and help to the participating teams, helping locate an appropriate venue for use during the competition, promoting the competition, assisting in identifying appropriate proctors, and increasing awareness of the student branch presence on campus. Students attending universities who do not have an IEEE Student Branch on campus can still participate in the IEEEXtreme competition.

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