Welcome to the Penn State Harrisburg IEEE Student Branch!

Welcome to the Penn State Harrisburg IEEE Student Branch!

About Us

Who We Are

 As a vibrant and diverse hub within the university, our group stands out as one of the largest and most active clubs, attracting members from various STEM disciplines, especially electrical, computer, and mechanical engineering, and computer science. More than 310 students are members are part of IEEE Penn State Harrisburg.

  • Won Best Student Organization award at Penn State Harrisburg during the 2022 – 2023 academic school year
  • More than 310 students are members are part of IEEE Penn State Harrisburg
  • Largest and most active engineering club on campus

Our Mission & Vision

IEEE’s core purpose is centered on fostering professional development, volunteering opportunities, and enhancing the technical knowledge of our members. We achieve this through a wide array of events and activities. Our calendar is packed with technical workshops, corporate networking sessions, projects, mini-courses, and engaging social events. These are designed not only to build skills but also to create meaningful connections with peers and industry leaders.

IEEE takes pride in facilitating opportunities for collaboration with companies and organizations. Our multifaceted partnership programs offer everything from informative sessions and technical talks to sponsored workshops and projects. Furthermore, we offer a valuable resource to employers: a comprehensive resume book that highlights the diverse talents and qualifications of our members.

What We Do


IEEE has launched three key projects aimed at applying and enhancing the skills students learn in their courses. These projects provide a practical platform for students to refine their abilities, offering them valuable experience to showcase when seeking internships or employment.

Hackathon: Dinesh Umasankar and Jeremiah Ddumba started IEEE’s semesterly hackathons at Penn State Harrisburg in February 2023, playing significant roles in their organization. These events feature coding challenges, workshops, and projects, including circuit design. A central aspect is the hackpsh.org platform, mainly developed by a student team led by Dinesh Umasankar and John Nguyen. This platform offers interactive challenges, efficient user and team management, and a leaderboard system, aiming to be accessible to all and educate participants in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. It includes event management tools for announcements and content management. Two hackathons were held in 2023 on April 8th and November 4th, with the next planned for March 23rd, 2024. For more information on the hackathon, you can explore further details here.

Fall 2023 Hackathon

Radio Telescope: The Radio Telescope Project at Penn State Harrisburg started in January 2022, has grown from a single telescope to a complex 5-dish array. Originally spearheaded and led by Zachary Martin and Jeremiah Ddumba,  the project advanced through collaborative efforts across disciplines, educational workshops, and substantial equipment support. Currently overseen by Michael Cieslak, Peter Lee, and Jeremiah Ddumba, the project is organized into three specialized teams: radio frequency, control systems, and data science. It’s been incorporated into the academic curriculum and recognized for its innovative blend of theory and practical radio astronomy application. For more information on the radio telescope project, you can explore further details here.

Radio Telescope Team

Radio Station: The Penn State Harrisburg Radio Station, dormant since 2012, is being revived as IEEE’s third major project since March 2022, under the leadership of Alexander Caylor and Jeremiah Ddumba. This revival, in collaboration with the School of Humanities, aims to enhance student experiences by offering practical opportunities in radio hosting and operations, complementing their academic studies. Plans for the project include establishing an online radio platform and obtaining FCC licensing for wider broadcast reach. For more information on the radio station, you can explore further details here.

Radio Station Revival  


Professional Development 

IEEE Penn State Harrisburg holds professional development workshops. To help our members be as prepared as possible for finding internships, and job opportunities. 

  • Resume Speed Round: A unique event resembling speed dating, focused on resume reviews and feedback.
  • LinkedIn Workshops: Sessions aimed at improving students’ LinkedIn profiles, emphasizing the presentation of skills on the platform.
  • Professional Photography: Offers free professional headshots for students, with a makeup artist available for assistance.
    Professional Photography

    Resume Book: Collecting all the resumes of our members and combining them into a large PDF to send to companies in our local area and the IEEE company list with over 75 employers

  • STEM Volunteering Programs: IEEE is partnering with the Middletown Public Library to conduct two volunteer programs, titled Child STEM and Teen STEM. These initiatives provide an opportunity for students to instruct children (ages 9-12) and teenagers (ages 13-17) in STEM and agricultural subjects. The program was initiated and is overseen by Jeremiah Ddumba. For more information about the program, please follow the attached link.
Matthew Rice & Suryansh Sijwali teaching about Arduino during a Teen STEM session



SAC (Student Activity Conference) 

We equip our members to participate in these prestigious competitions, offering them an opportunity to gain real-world experience and compete for awards. Additionally, it’s a chance to network with fellow students and professionals, which will help secure internships or full-time employment. In collaboration with Penn State, we secure funding to acquire the necessary materials for conference preparation. This financial support also covers our travel and accommodation expenses, enabling us to attend and compete alongside other universities.

IEEE USA Conference:

We collaborate with Penn State to finance our conference trip, where we network with seasoned professionals. This networking helps in securing internships or full-time jobs and connects us with industry veterans. From October 16th to 20th, 2023, we made significant connections in the field and have worked with the university to go in 2024.

Group Photo During the IEEE 50th Anniversary Conference Cruise



Consider supporting IEEE’s efforts to assist students by donating at Raise.psu.edu/HBGIEEE. Your contribution, while entirely optional, will help sustain valuable student initiatives. Plus, you’ll receive a tax receipt for any donation made. Your support makes a difference!


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