IEEE and Middletown Public Library’s Youth STEM Programs
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IEEE And Middletown Public Library’s Youth STEM Programs

In a significant step towards enhancing STEM education, the IEEE Student Branch at Penn State Harrisburg has joined forces with the Middletown Public Library to offer the Teen STEM and the new Child STEM programs. This partnership marks an important effort to nurture interest in science, technology, engineering, and math among the younger generation.

The Teen STEM program was established in December 2022, and the initiative was spearheaded by Jeremiah Ddumba who currently runs the program, with Nicholas Brown, who has become a regular feature every Monday evening for students in grades 6 through 12. This program covers a wide array of subjects, from basic circuit board mechanics to more complex programming in Python and C++, providing a broad spectrum of STEM learning experiences.

John Grayshaw, the former director of the Middletown Public Library, has appreciated the peer-to-peer learning approach of the program, which helps create a comfortable and engaging learning atmosphere. Madelyn Sheridan, serving as the Youth Coordinator Director, is the primary library contact overseeing both of these STEM initiatives. Activities like building circuit boards demonstrate the program’s practical approach to education, emphasizing skill development alongside theoretical learning.

Teen STEM Program Details

The success and enthusiasm generated by the Teen STEM program paved the way for the introduction of the Child STEM program in August 2023. Catering to children in grades 5 and below, this program runs in the hour preceding the Teen STEM session. It’s tailored to kindle a love for STEM from an early age, offering younger students a chance to dip their toes into a world of endless possibilities. This program is a vibrant tapestry of learning, where the young participants engage in activities that are not only informative but also immensely enjoyable.

Child STEM Program Introduction

The introduction of the Child STEM program extends the reach of STEM education to a broader age group, ensuring that students at different educational levels have the chance to explore and grow in these essential fields. This progressive educational approach is crucial for developing a solid foundation in STEM from an early age. As these initiatives look forward to their next phase in the Fall semester, there is a sense of positive expectation about their ongoing impact and growth.

Impact and Future Outlook

For those interested in more details about the Teen STEM program, the Child STEM initiative, and other activities at the Middletown Public Library, the website offers further information. Additionally, you can explore more about the scope, schedule, and impact of these programs through this link. As Nicholas Brown graduated in Fall 2023, the new Vice President of IEEE will take over in his place Max Valentine. These initiatives have enabled over 25 engineering students to teach STEM to more than 78 middle and high school students. This opportunity provided college students with what many lacked growing up: a dynamic, consistent, and hands-on STEM program that delves into various STEM fields in an engaging manner. Plans are underway to collaborate with the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) in Spring 2024 to further enrich the program’s offerings for all participants. This partnership between Penn State Harrisburg’s IEEE and the Middletown Public Library is a step towards enriching the educational landscape and inspiring a new generation in the field of STEM.