A Journal Club is an educational meeting in which a group of individuals discusses published articles, providing a forum for a collective effort to keep up with the current literature. From this session 2022-23, our IEEE student branch’s executive committee members started the journal club as suggested by our Affinity group WIE’s faculty advisor, Dr. Aparna Akula. The journal club was commenced on April 7, 2022, to celebrate World Health Day 2022

Our IEEE Student branch consists of members from varied backgrounds, so we did not limit our journal club to only published research articles but to all possible topics that we can discuss according to the member presenting the journal club.

Link to Upload Presentation.


Speaker Name

Title: “##################” Date: 00/00/0000, Link


Dhruva Khanzode

Title: “Advantages of Robotic Cardiac Catheterization“, Date : 28th April 2022, Link: NA


Aditi Chopra

Title: “The Dark Lady of DNA“, Date : 13th May 2022, Link


Anuj Kumar Mishra

Title: “The Basics of ANN Architecture“, Date : 08th July 2022, Link


Shalini Dwivwdi

Title : “Introduction to Long Short-Term Memory Networks“, Date: 29th July 2022, Link


Naman Gupta

Title: “Creative Presentation on Content Writing“, Date: 16th August 2022, Link



Title: “Adaptive conjunctive cognitive training (ACCT) in virtual reality for chronic stroke patients: a randomized controlled pilot trial“. Date: 10th December 2022, Link: NA


Aditi Chopra

Title: “Kinetically Controlled Seeded Growth Synthesis of Citrate-Stabilized Gold Nanoparticles of up to 200 nm: Size Focusing versus Ostwald Ripening“, Date: 14th December 2022, Link