IEEE Virtual Bootcamp Under R-10 SAC MDLT 2020

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Project Title: - Induction Program/ IEEE Virtual Boot Camp

A 7-Day induction program or boot camp of sorts on virtual platforms aimed at familiarizing the participants with all aspects of IEEE, including technical, non-technical, professional, interviews, and WIE events. To make each event an outcome-based event, the students would be required to maintain an online journal and would be given a case study problem at the end of certain events that would require solutions. The idea is to inculcate a problem-solving behavior and learn to apply theories in practical life focusing on perception and improving listening skills, each important for comprehensively enhancing leadership qualities. Interviews, counseling sessions, and discussion with prominent IEEE graduate members, women in STEM, Head of IEEE Indian Council on IEEE’s contribution, technical topics, membership queries, annual plans, platforms would be discus A membership drive would be held at the last day.
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